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Bring in more customers, increase your turnover, and grow your business, with Impos targeted marketing solutions.

Why Targeted Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Targeted marketing is essential in increasing your customer base and keeping your business thriving.

Targeted marketing allows you to increase your customer numbers by offering attractive incentives to specific customer groups.

For your café, you can give your early-risers a bit of an extra kick by offering cut-price coffees from 7am-9am. You might want to attract more families to your restaurant, so offer half-price kids meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Targeted marketing is a more efficient way to entice more customers to come to you.

Targeted marketing also gives you the opportunity to drive sales during quiet times. For example, you can let your customers know about your two-for-one drink specials and speed up a lazy Monday night service.

Impos point of sale systems let you gather purchasing information, such as spending habits, favourite orders, and the usual time of day your customers visit, to build a database of customer information.

Using this database you can provide your customers with better customer service, and make more informed decisions on how to communicate with them.

These days, new digital channels give you a better way to reach your target audience. Social media, mobile devices, and web content give you a more effective way to deliver targeted, relevant information to your customers.

Impos’ targeted marketing solutions give you the opportunity to use these new digital channels to their full capacity and keep ahead of the game.

Increase customer satisfaction with targeting marketing

Impos works together with MyGuestlist to help you reduce your workload while keeping your customers satisfied and growing your business.

You can target your individual customers based on their purchasing habits or how much they’ve spent. Or you can filter your customer database and target groups of customers based on particular food or beverage items they’ve purchased.

Send text messages, emails, or social media posts to your entire database with a few clicks, and get your deals and rewards out there easier, with the easy-to-use communication function.

MyGuestlist’s advanced marketing functionality lets you communicate to particular customers based on whatever parameter you’ve set, allowing you to target your highest spending or most frequent customers, in order to increase your revenue.

Whether it’s by birthdate, items purchased, overall spend, or other key factors, you can use MyGuestlist to say ‘thank you’ to your regulars, and keep them coming back to your place.

Reach a bigger market with order ahead apps

With one in four Australians purchasing through their mobile every month, offering mobile ordering opportunities means you can capture an increasing amount of this customer segment.

Impos has partnered with a variety of order ahead applications to help you tap into this market and make your venue boost its sales.

With order ahead apps Hey You, Menulog, Mobi2Go, and SmartOrdering, your customers can beat the queues, save their favourite orders, modify their order, and even let you know how far away from your venue they are. With payment processing done directly, increasing your venue’s sales becomes effortless.

Order ahead applications also enhance the discoverability of your venue, with thousands of people using the apps to look for new venues to try everyday.

This is targeted marketing made easy. Open your door to more customers, process more orders, increase your service speed, and increase your revenue with Impos order ahead capabilities.

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