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Why Good Staff Rostering Is Important For Your Business

Good staff rostering makes the difference between a good day and a bad day, so it’s important you’ve got a solid rostering system in place.

Your roster system lets you attract and keep good staff. When you hire new starters they’ll know what their expected workload will be. And when you’ve got a strong team on board, you’ll be able to schedule shifts that suit their skills and give them enough hours to keep them motivated.

Proper staff planning means you’ll get the right people on the right shift. Some staff might be better suited to the night shift, while others might shine during the busy lunchtime rush.

For the hospitality industry, understaffed shifts mean longer wait times for your customers and an overall reduction in your customer service, which leads to a damaged reputation. A solid rostering system means your shifts are always staffed appropriately, and your customers are never left in the lurch.

When you’re on top of your rostering system, you can base your roster on historical sales figures, so you know when to schedule less staff and when you’ll be under the pump. It’s a better way to manage your wage costs efficiently between good days and slower days.

Having a reliable roster also means you’ll be able to track staff performance. Pinpoint any issues such as low sales numbers, or days when there’s more wastage, and plan accordingly.

You’ll be able to tell if that regular dip in sales is due to a sleepy Tuesday service, or if there’s a staff member you need to have a chat with.

Most importantly, your roster allows your staff to live their lives. Giving your staff the roster a few weeks in advance will enable them to plan around their shifts, and get on with their lives outside of work.

Any shift swaps can be taken care of upfront, not left until the last minute. Your staff will thank you for it.

Increase efficiency with Impos’ staff rostering

Increase efficiency with Impos’ staff rostering

We know what it means to have a good roster in place, so we’ve partnered with scheduling applications Deputy, Zuus and Ento, to help your employees work more efficiently, and save you hours.

Wherever you go, you’ll be able to access Zuus’ rostering, attendance, payroll, and cost analysis functions at the click of a button.

Their secure servers means that your rosters are always backed up and online, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong. This is rostering and attendance made easy.

Deputy’s intelligent work scheduling, timesheet management, and employee communication tools give you an easier way to organise your shifts.

Deputy’s communication feature lets you talk to your employees through the cloud. Meanwhile, the tasking feature lets them know upfront what’s expected from them each shift.

Ento not only lets you manage your rosters and staff communication, but gives you a mobile-enabled staff onboarding system, meaning your staff will get an easier way to understand your business, and you’ll get a more efficient way to train new staff.

Optimise your staffing, manage your wage costs, and maximise your business’ efficiency with better staff management and communication.

Save time with Deputy’s staff rostering

Save time with Deputy’s staff rostering

Impos has partnered with cloud-based work scheduling and people management platform, Deputy , to save you time.

Simplify your rostering, timesheets, tasking, and admin in a snap. With a suite of smarter apps and one-click payroll integration, Deputy is designed to make your life easier.

How does it work?

Impos exports your sales data from your POS terminal directly to Deputy, complete with location, time, and staff information.

It gives you a total weekly wage cost, which lets you plan your rosters in a smarter way, based on historic sales information.

Get an in-depth understanding of your business, roster your staff more effectively, and see real time efficiency of your shift labour versus sales.

You’ll have better oversight and a more accurate account of staff hours with clock-ins recorded via our sign in feature, all synced directly to Deputy.

Create and publish your rosters in minutes, and send them to each employee at the click of a button. Now there’s no excuse for not checking the roster.

Deputy is a mobile solution for your venue. You can manage your venue rostering and replace shifts through your phone, tablet, and online portals, so wherever you go, you can stay on top of your business.

Get more control with Ento

Get more control with Ento

Accessible from any app-enabled mobile device, Ento is your next-generation management tool. You can communicate easily with your staff and empower them to swap and fill their own shifts directly through the app.

You’ll get an easy-to-use roster builder—just drag-and-drop and away you go—complete with a labour cost breakdown, so you’re always on top of your staff costs.

The paperless onboarding feature takes your new staff information into the cloud, with all the necessary documents needed to confirm new staff registration available through the app.

Ento gives you an easier way to manage your staff, which can all be taken care of from your POS system or mobile device.

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