The Botanist

Who is The Botanist?

Who is The Botanist?

Situated in the heart of Kirribilli sits The Botanist, encompassing a worldly mix of tastes and concepts. The Botanist offers up fine produce, exotic spices and a thirst that is easily quenched by a well-poured Botanist gin.

The Botanist restaurant has been using Impos as their sole point of sale provider since day one, about three years. The value of this POS company within the hospitality industry has been evident through the extensive role Impos has played in the daily operations at the venue. There are 20 people employed at The Botanist, with a total of 15 using the Impos point of sale system.

The Botanist The Botanist

How we helped

Through ensuring greater degrees of efficiency within the front and back of house operations, Impos’ system has been a key factor in driving the success of this venue.

The benefits of Impos’ point of sale system have been recognised by the manager of The Botanist, Peter Barker. Peter has been using Impos for some time now and has significantly noticed the high-rate of return on investment. He believes it is due to the ease of access and fast Impos system, particularly in comparison to previous point of sale providers he has used.

The main benefits we see are delivering our customers quick speedy service and the accuracy at the end of the day. When compared to other software, the one thing you notice with Impos is the speed, he says.

Impos’ maintaining of greater accuracy in key instances such as monthly stocktakes and end of financial year reporting has been invaluable for the successful running of The Botanist.

The Botanist

What happened next?

Through Impos’ detailed stock management module, which tracks all purchases and sales information, this high-level of accuracy has been achieved.

The Botanist has saved a lot time and money as the Impos system has helped eliminate human error; the accuracy of Impos’ technology has been instrumental with this. The venue is now able to provide greater accountability and transparency in operations.

Years The Botanist has been using Impos

Employees using Impos

The Botanist
The Botanist The Botanist

What the customer said

“The system is very user friendly, meaning fast transactions in turn improving customer satisfaction. It is also extremely flexible and easy to use from a back of house perspective.”

Ben Carroll,
Owner — The Botanist

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