Bulletin Place

Who is Bulletin Place?

Who is Bulletin Place?

Bulletin Place is a leading cocktail bar in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. It was awarded “Best Cocktail Bar of the Year” by the Australian Bar Awards three years in a row between 2013-2015, and named World’s 28th Best Bar by Drinks International in 2015. Bulletin Place needed a point of sale (POS) system that would enable the venue to deliver “high touch”, prestige service to customers, and retain its position as among the top bars in the world.

When Bulletin Place first opened, orders were processed on hand written dockets, however quickly transitioned to an iPad cloud system. When managing bar operations became difficult and service was slowing down, Bulletin Place engaged Impos with the aim of reducing wait times for customers and helping the venue improve the overall service experience to continue success.

Bulletin Place Bulletin Place

How we helped

Being a bar that offers 100 percent table service to customers, Impos enabled Bulletin Place to run bar tabs without the need for a credit card bill at the end. Impos has also helped Bulletin Place bartenders achieve their target wait time of less than eight minutes for serving cocktails.

The functionality provided through Impos has proven indispensable for Bulletin Place, increasing the sales, reducing errors and costs, and enabling the smooth running of daily business activities.

Bulletin Place

What happened next?

Impos integrations allow us to connect more and more of our other services in to our POS system. In particular, we are massive fans of the Tyro [email protected] integration, which makes splitting bills a breeze. It saves time and human error when entering totals to the EFTPOS machine and instantly reconciles the transaction and closes the table, allowing us to seat the next waiting guests immediately

explained Operations Director of Bulletin Place, David Hobbs

Impos is used by approximately eight venue staff in different roles every day.
Although the venue rarely requires support, it has always been able to contact Impos at any time of the day when necessary.

Overall the benefits of Impos have been evident across the business, and are considered a key factor in allowing Bulletin Place to retain its position as a top awarded bar three years in a row.

Bulletin Place
Bulletin Place Bulletin Place

What the customer said

“The flexibility and customisation of Impos has been indispensable for the business and specifically maintaining check times below eight minutes; this ensures that cocktails are served in a timely manner.”

David Hobbs,
Operations Manager — Bulletin Place

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