Bar POS Systems

The Impos point of sale system is the tool behind the Melbourne bar revolution.

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Bar

Impos POS systems were born in the Melbourne bar scene, so we know how competitive the market is.

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your customers coming back is to offer them the best customer service experience.

Keep your drink orders flowing and your tables covered, and open up your bar to more customer payment options, with an Impos POS system for bars.

Quicker payments

Quicker payments

In the intimate small bar environment, your time is at a premium. Speed up your payment times and mix more drinks with Impos’ smooth, super-quick bar POS system.

New payment options

New payment options

The success of your bar relies on a steady stream of happy customers, and their word of mouth. In this day and age more customers want cashless payment options, and you want don’t want to be left behind the times.

Whether it’s handing over cash, using credit, or a choosing a third-party payment option, Impos bar POS software keeps your customers covered, and gives them something else to tell their friends about.

Keep track easier

Keep track easier

As a small bar, stock wastage and shrinkage are some of your biggest enemies, so it’s crucial to be able to track, monitor, and manage your stock easily.

Our bar POS system gives you real-time tracking of your inventory, better oversight of wastage, and a powerful reporting system to keep your profits on the up and up.

Why Australian Bars Choose Impos

Everything you need at the touch of a button

Everything you need at the touch of a button

Every venue is different, which is why the Impos POS system for bars lets you customise your POS display so it works for your staff.

Increase the accuracy of your service with all your products easily available at your POS terminal in an easy-to-read format, giving you less room for keying errors.

Outside of service times, cocktail and wine training is easily managed with recipe information, tasting notes and stock availability all configurable from your bar POS software.

An easier way to pick up the tab

An easier way to pick up the tab

Impos has partnered with Clipp, a bar tab mobile payment provider, to give your customers a smoother bar tab solution.

Your customers can open and close tabs using their mobile phones, freeing up your staff to focus on serving other customers. You can even offer deals tailored directly to that customer using this integrated bar tab software.

A better way to manage your staff

A better way to manage your staff

Get a better handle on your staffing, manage your wage costs more efficiently, and get spot-on long-term rostering using Impos bar POS software.

You can schedule your staff based on sales forecasts, so you get the right people on the right night and keep your bar buzzing.

More comprehensive reporting

More comprehensive reporting

Impos’s reporting software allows you to track how your bar is doing, and make changes and adjustments as you see fit.

You’ll get all the reports you need to help your bar grow, and let you really get to know your business. There’s over 80 sets of reports at your fingertips, meaning you can dig deeper and control you bar like never before.

Bars benefiting from the Impos point of sale system

Each year at the bar awards, Impos venues consistently pick up more than 60% of awards. Impos has proven time and time again that it’s the trusted POS system for bars.

“The way the system is set up makes things really, really easy. You can breeze through a busy service with Impos in a busy bar like Black Pearl.”

Nathan Beasley, Bar Manager

Bulletin Place Bulletin Place

“Impos integrations allow us to connect more and more of our other services into our POS system. In particular, we are massive fans of the Tyro Pay@Table integration, which makes splitting bills a breeze. It saves time and human error when entering totals to the EFTPOS machine and instantly reconciles the transaction and closes the table, allowing us to seat the next waiting guests immediately.”

The flexibility and customisation of Impos has been indispensable for the business and specifically maintaining check times below eight minutes; this ensures that cocktails are served in a timely manner.”

David Hobbs, Operations Director

Bulletin Place
The Beaufort The Beaufort

“Data extraction is the key to measuring ROI and the more powerful the data return, the better we are able to make decisions and measure performance. Thanks to Impos’ fully integrated stock module, for the first time we’re able to access and analyse data at any time.”

Dave Kerr, Owner

Bar & Nightclub POS Buyer’s Guide

Download Your Bar & Nightclub POS Buyer’s Guide Today!

Impos provides a POS system that is packed with heaps of features made for the hospitality industry. Find out why it’s the POS system Australian bars & nightclubs love to use.

Our POS Support

Customer satisfaction for your bar can be the difference between a good week and a bad week. We know this as well as anyone in the industry. That’s why we stay up late to make sure that you’re backed up with around the clock support and a team of industry professionals who offer effective advice on how to best work the bar POS software for your venue.

Choose your support

Choose from our support packages to get the level of cover that works for you. Whether it’s business hours support, or our 24/7 premium and platinum options, our support lines are available around the clock, seven days a week, all year round, to keep your bar on track.

You can even choose to opt out of support after your first 12 months, although we find that over 95% of our customers decide to continue or upgrade their package after this period.

How we support you

Our POS service and POS support staff are there for you, and with an average of more than nine years of hospitality experience, you’ll get someone on the line who knows IT, and also understands your business.

We can access your system instantly, from anywhere, to diagnose your problem as quickly as possible. This ensures that our promise to provide the absolute best POS support and POS servicing in the hospitality industry is always fulfilled.

Talk to Us

Get in touch with our hospitality POS experts to see how Impos can help your business thrive.

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