Bakery POS Systems

In the bakery world, high quality and high turnover is the name of the game. The Impos bakery point of sale system is perfect for your venue, giving you the speed and power to keep your customers coming back.

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Bakery

Our software talks to each piece of software and equipment that you need to run your business. You’ll get a full POS system in one package, letting you run your venue as smoothly as possible.

From stock ordering to sales reporting, to managing your rostering and payments, we have you covered.

Open the door to more customers

Open the door to more customers

The success of your business relies on a steady stream of full and satisfied customers – and their word of mouth.

Impos’ bakery POS software gives your customers the option of paying the way that suits them, whether it’s cash, credit, or a third party payment platform.

Move with the times, give more customers the option of buying from your venue, and give them another reason to tell their friends to come to you.

Keep track easier

Keep track easier

Stock wastage and shrinkage can be one of your biggest enemies, so it’s important to be able to track, manage, and monitor everything that comes in and goes out.

Our bakery POS software saves you money with the ability to track your inventory in real time. You can keep across any wastage, identify where you need to increase costs, and even work out if you can get your ingredients cheaper from another supplier.

Our platform will help you get your profit levels where they need to be, and keep your business on track.

Why Australian Bakeries Choose Impos

A quicker, easier POS for your bakery

A quicker, easier POS for your bakery

Our solutions are built to be super-fast and are designed for quick-service environments like yours.

You get a powerful system that processes orders in an instant, meaning you keep the queue moving. You get a range of third party payment options, so your customers don’t have to fumble around with cash.

And you get a menu you can customise, so you know exactly where to find everything. Impos is a quicker system for your business.

Connect with your customers

Connect with your customers

People are loyal to their bakeries, and you want them to keep coming back to yours. When you equip your venue with our solutions, you get a membership and loyalty system designed for the hospitality industry. You can customise deals and tailor incentives to keep your customers coming back.

Use our membership database software to drive same-day sales and market directly to your customers, based on your customers’ ordering habits. Get to know your customers better with the Impos bakery POS system.

Reporting like never before

Reporting like never before

Our POS systems give you all the information you need to keep on top of your business as it grows.

With over 80 sets of customisable reports available on your POS terminal, you can do everything from:

  • Seeing your current overall sales
  • Checking your profits after markup
  • Monitoring your employee hours
  • Seeing which items are the best sellers, at any time of the day.
  • This live, accurate information lets you see what’s working well and what could be improved, and gives you number-driven evidence to address any issues as they pop up.

Bakeries benefiting from the Impos point of sale system

Phillipas Phillipas

“The team at Impos were great at understanding our needs and advising the best way to proceed. Our previous systems were antiquated; we had been doing our sales housekeeping and reporting using paper and Excel. Even though staff had grown accustomed to them, the transition to Impos was very well received.

“The benefits of Impos are clearly felt across the business, from reliable order processing, better tracking  of our sales data and trends, to the ability to run reports remotely, via the web. At the end of the day, it means less time worrying about checks and balances and more time doing what we do best.”

Phillipa Grogan, Owner

Hospitality POS Buyer’s Guide

Download Your Hospitality POS Buyer’s Guide Today!

Impos provides a POS system that is packed with heaps of features made for the hospitality industry. Find out why it’s the POS system Australian venues love to use.

Our POS Support

Bakeries don’t always open 9 to 5, so neither do we. The Impos support team work around the clock to ensure that your system is always running smoothly.

Choose your support

Choose the level of support your business needs. You get the option of business hours support or our 24/7 premium and platinum support packages.

With an average wait time of less than three minutes, you can sleep easy knowing our technicians are available whenever you need them.

You also have the option of opting out of support after the first 12 months, however more than 95% of our customers choose to continue or upgrade their support plan at the end of this period.

How we support you

Our POS support team know your system, and they understand your business. With an average of more than nine years’ hospitality experience, you’ll be on the phone with an IT specialist who knows what it’s like in the service industry.

With our ability to access your system instantly, you’re ensured that our promise to provide the very best POS support and POS servicing in the industry is always fulfilled.

Talk to Us

Get in touch with our hospitality POS experts to see how Impos can help your business thrive.

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