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After years in the hospitality scene we know what’s required to run an effective venue. Precision, speed, and preparation are needed to manage a successful business, and the Impos restaurant POS system has been built with each of these requirements in mind.

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Business

Better service

Better service

Hospitality is a highly competitive market, and one of the things you can do to keep your customers coming back time and time again is offer the best customer service experience. This doesn’t just mean smiles (although they help)—keep your lines moving, your tables covered, and open up your venue to more customer payment options with an Impos restaurant POS system.

Quicker payments

Quicker payments

You don’t want to be waiting around for your cash register to open. Our POS systems process your orders in the blink of an eye, meaning your payments are made quicker.

With all your terminals synced to your POS system, you can also make payments on the go and let your customers pay at the table. Speed up your payment and table turnover times with Impos.

Offer your customers more

Offer your customers more

You always want to offer your customers more—more value, more seating, and more payment options. Cut down on time you can’t waste with Impos’ range of cash, credit, and third-party payment options. Let your customers pay the way that suits them, processed in the blink of an eye, with Impos’ restaurant POS system.

Track inventory and stock

Track inventory and stock

Track, manage, and monitor your stock with ease to keep your food service on top of the game. Our POS system saves you money with real-time tracking of your inventory, oversight of wastage, and with a wide range of reporting options, so you can pinpoint exactly where you need to tighten up.

Why Australian Restaurants Choose Impos

Improved floor service

Improved floor service

The flexibility and reliability of the Impos restaurant POS system lets you run your venue just how you want it, and keep on top of situations as they arise.

Our easy-to-use floor map lets you monitor the status of your tables, with a set of features that let you deal with any situation. Whether you’ve got customers wanting to move seats, or a table asking to split the bill five ways, we’ve got a feature to help you out.

Impos plugs into online bookings and allows you to make notes on any booking to help you own the floor like a boss.

Reporting made easy

Reporting made easy

Away from the venue floor, we’ve built a powerful reporting dashboard. From automated reports to fully-customisable dashboards and real-time available data, Impos’ reporting will allow you to monitor your business at any time whether in your venue or out and about.

Getting access to this information means you can analyse your data easily and make key decisions to maximise your profit from the products you serve.

Inventory and stock management

Inventory and stock management

Running a tight ship and keeping on top of your margins is easy with our inventory management module.

Our ordering system makes it possible to track the items you sell from the supplier to the customer, so you can run your shift without stressing about your margins.

Create stock variance reports in minutes, and automate your orders based on stock thresholds set by you—you’ll spend less time on administration and more time serving your customers.

Restaurants benefiting from the Impos point of sale system

With over 20 of Australia’s top 100 venues using Impos, see what our customers are saying about our innovative solutions.

MoVida MoVida

The MoVida Group has achieved several business milestones in the last few years; opening Australia’s first genuine tapas bar, MoVida, followed by four more tapas bars including MoVida Next Door and MoVida Aqui.

The iconic venues in Melbourne and Sydney share the same name, however each business is unique to the MoVida brand.

“The tricky thing about choosing a POS system is on the surface they all look the same.”

“Impos has provided an integrated POS system that reflects, supports and complements MoVida’s unique business model. The transition from the former POS provider to Impos was smooth and managed and the 24 hour system provided is extremely reliable, with support always available in person or via telephone.”

Andy McMahon, Owner

Birds Nest Birds Nest

Bird’s Nest has gone from strength to strength since established by co-owners Marie Yokoyama and Emi Kamada in 2013, after finding a niche market in the heart of Brisbane.

Bird’s Nest engaged Impos in February 2014. Impos immediately ensured it integrated its POS system to reflect the specific business requirements of Bird’s Nest.

Bird’s Nest has seen significant cost and efficiency savings as a result of using Impos. Business sales increased by 34.81 percent since 2014, and overall operating profit increased by 78.44 percent.

“Impos has really been able to pick things up so quickly, the overall service at the restaurant has been made significantly easier, and as a result, we have been able to turn tables around in a much tighter time frame.”

“The accuracy of the Impos technology has been instrumental in creating efficiencies around company time and overall business costs and the software has provided greater accountability and transparency in operations.”

“For these reasons, Impos has been indispensable to Bird’s Nest and has enabled the business to run smoothly at all times.”

Marie Yokoyama, Co-owner

Birds Nest
Bistro Gitan Bistro Gitan

“We’ve used Impos since the day we opened our doors. Their system suits us to a tee here at Bistro Gitan. They provide great (and super fast) customer support service. They are always trying to help us improve our business and constantly release new features.”

Eddy Redmond, Owner

Restaurant POS Buyer’s Guide

Download Your Restaurant POS Buyer’s Guide Today!

Impos provides a POS system that is packed with heaps of features made for the hospitality industry. Find out why it’s the POS system Australian venues love to use.

Our POS Support

Customer satisfaction can be the difference between a good week and a bad week. We know this as well as anyone in the industry. That’s why we stay up late to make sure that you’re backed up with around the clock support and a team of industry professionals who offer effective advice on how to best work the POS for your venue.

Choose your support

Once you’ve chosen an Impos POS system you, you can choose what support level you want. We’ve got you covered, no matter what type of venue you run—choose from either our business-hours support or 24/7 premium and platinum support options.

Our POS support lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning our technicians are available whenever you call.

How we support you

If 24/7 support isn’t for you, you can choose to opt out of our support plans after the first 12 months, however 95% of our customers choose keep on or even upgrade their support plan at the end of this period.

With an average of more than nine years of hospitality experience, our POS service and POS support staff aren’t just IT experts, they also know what it’s like to be out there on the floor.

Impos’ ability to remotely access your POS system ensures our promise to provide you with the best POS support and POS servicing in the industry is always fulfilled.

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