Tab Payment System Integrations

We’ve integrated with some of the smartest mobile bar tab payment systems to give you an easier, faster way to manage your bar tabs.

Why integrate your POS system with your tab payment system?

These days your customers expect quicker, smarter ways to pay for their drinks. Integrating your POS system with your tab payment system gives your customers the flexibility they want, while giving you much more control over your tabs.

Using your POS system, you can set value limit and time limits. You can also accurately check all drink orders as they come through, meaning you’ll always be in control of the tabs. A few minutes saved here and there really add up.

An integrated system means you can have as many bar tabs as you need, all at once, without having to worry about losing any information or missing orders. Nor is it possible for customers to ditch payment.

Integrating your bar tab payment system with your bar POS system coordinates your tabs in one central location. Any staff member can access any tab with the click of a button, meaning your customers never have to wait.

It also saves you time, as you know your way around your POS system—so setting up, adding drinks, and closing off tabs is a breeze. Give your customers faster service and keep their drinks coming, even on the busiest nights.

Our Tab Payment System Integrations


Clipp is a smart, mobile bar tab solution that integrates seamlessly with your POS system. Your customers can open and close tabs from their smartphones, and these are synced directly to you POS system.

You can also tailor rewards to your customers and offer them through the app, letting you drive sales when you need to. With guaranteed payments on all transactions, and settlement the next business day, Clipp is a more secure, smarter bar tab integration.

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