Ento & Impos

We’ve integrated with cloud-based workforce management software provider, Ento, to help you get more control over your time, your staff, and your business.

Who is Ento?

Ento was founded in Australia in 2009 to help businesses better manage their staff rostering, attendance, and communication functions. Ento is now the preferred solution in over 1,500 workplaces, including in the hospitality industry.

Ento is next-generation workforce management software. It’s accessible from your POS system, over your web browser, or on your smartphone. Improve your workflow, reduce your costs, and eliminate pesky paperwork with Ento’s employee management tools.

How You Can Benefit from an Ento and Impos Integration

Ento lets you engage your entire workforce with simple communication tools, allowing you to message your staff directly, and empowering them to manage their shifts from the Ento app.

Give your staff more accountability, save administration time, and get better staff visibility with Ento.

Using the Ento roster builder you’ll be able to manage your schedule from your POS system, and save you valuable time. You can create schedules and schedule templates, add shifts in seconds by dragging and dropping, and calculate your labour costs all in one place.

When you send the roster to your staff, you get an acknowledgement when they’ve seen their shifts, giving you peace of mind that your service is covered.

Your staff can clock in and clock out using their staff PIN or ID so you can see at a glance who’s clocking in on time, who needs to go home, and who’s on break. All this will help you get more control over your staff costs.

Ento even gives you a paperless onboarding system for new staff, meaning your staff can get a quicker understanding of your business, and do it all from their smartphone. Less paperwork and a more intuitive system means happier staff and management.

How Our Integrated System Works

Ento syncs smoothly with your Impos POS system to let you run your business more efficiently and get better engagement with your staff, from wherever you are.

Access Ento via your POS terminal or web browser to manage and analyse your timesheets, create and adjust your rosters, and communicate with your staff.

You can use it to manage your awards and agreements and calculate them across all your rosters. You can also use it to approve staff leave and overtime.

Use Ento’s onboarding system to manage staff contracts, with the ability to digitally sign all necessary contracts and policies.

Ento integrates with MYOB and Xero, meaning you can export your staff data to your payroll and accounting systems.

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