PC Eftpos & Impos POS Systems

Impos has integrated with leading EFTPOS payment system supplier PC-EFTPOS, letting you speed up your payment processing times and helping your business thrive.


PC-EFTPOS is a 100% privately owned, Sydney-based EFTPOS payment solutions provider. PC-EFTPOS is Australia’s leading specialist in providing integrated EFTPOS payment options to businesses around the country.

Formed in 1998, over 170,000 terminals now operate Australia-wide, and power some of the largest Australian brands.

How You Can Benefit from a PC-EFTPOS and Impos Integration

PC-EFTPOS is specially-designed to make EFTPOS transactions faster and easier. All payments are processed in seconds, meaning less time waiting at the counter, fewer grumpy customers, and faster queues.

Their pin pad syncs directly to your POS system and is easy to operate, reducing your chance for keying errors and giving you better control over your payments.

Integrating your PC-EFTPOS payment system with your POS system allows you to access all your payment data from your reporting system. You’ll have a complete, start-to-finish payment solution.

No more messing around with multiple payment and reporting systems; all the information you need is coordinated into your POS software and available from your POS terminal.

PC-EFTPOS gives you a scalable mobile payment solution, so it grows as your business grows. No need to change payment systems if you open a second or third venue – everything is still run through your POS system.

How Our Integrated System Works

When you choose to integrate your POS system with PC-EFTPOS, install your software and configure your system, and you’ll receive a pin pad from your bank.

Once you’ve configured the connection, your sales information is synced from your POS system to this pin pad, so you get all your customer sales information either at the counter or out on the floor. Note that PC-EFTPOS is for Windows-based operating systems only.

All customer transactions are synced from your PC-EFTPOS pin pad directly to your POS system, so everything is taken care of. Data is relayed to your accounting and reporting systems, so everything you do is captured and trackable. You’ll also be able to authorise cash-outs, should your customers need it.

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