InLoop & Impos POS Systems

Impos has partnered with InLoop to streamline the way you handle your business transactions. With InLoop you get a quicker, more secure way to monitor, organise, and control your transactions, whether it’s with your staff, vendors, or your customers.

Who is InLoop?

InLoop’s mission is to make your life easier by developing new and innovative solutions for the everyday activities of payments and transactions. Founded in 2005, InLoop has been providing transaction improvement software for over ten years, and continues to set benchmarks in the industry.

With InLoop, a secure cashless payment system is available at your fingertips, and can be tailored to your venue or facility’s needs.

How You Can Benefit from an InLoop and Impos Integration

Perfect for Government facilities, hospitals, schools, hotels, and anyone in between, InLoop allows you to create a secure internal payment loop for your venue, providing you with a cashless payment platform that manages all your transactions, deposits, and settlements. Designed to process a high volume of transactions, InLoop works with most existing card payment systems and mobile phone operating platforms, so you’ll already be good to go.

Above all, InLoop provides a high level of security, as with a close-loop system you get complete peace of mind that your transactions are safe and secure. You also get transaction authorisation, so you’ll be able to see who’s paying what, when, and why. All your staff account information is can be accessed online, providing you and your staff with full transparency.

InLoop is ideal for secure facilities that need that extra edge in payment security. Your staff ID cards double as their InLoop payment cards, which are simply swiped at the InLoop reader to make a purchase. This information is synced to your payroll system, so all staff purchases are automatically deducted from their pay account. Your staff just swipe your card, and InLoop takes care of the banking. No cash, no need even for wallets, all your staff need is their staff ID card and they can use the InLoop system.

Your vendors aren’t left in the dark, either, as when you sign up with InLoop they’ll receive an invitation to login and start transacting with you. Their complete account history is available when they log in, meaning all your payments and transactions are logged and kept transparent.

InLoop works the way you do. All payments are made quickly and efficiently, and are processed overnight—no time spent waiting around to send or receive funds, your money will be available the next business day. It’s designed to be scalable, and is able to grow as quickly as your business does. Whether you’re making 100 transactions or 100,000, InLoop can handle it. Better yet, you won’t have to do any further admin, as InLoop hosts and automates all its key process. You’ll spend less time going over your numbers, and more time with your staff and customers.

With full technical support at any time of day or night, and servicing and maintenance included free of charge, InLoop has all your transactions needs covered.

How Our Integrated System Works

Integrating seamlessly with your Impos POS system, InLoop provides you with a better way to manage your transactions.

Once you’ve been in touch with InLoop to set up your tailored system, you’ll get all the information you need to start making your transactions more securely. InLoop syncs directly to your POS and payroll system, meaning all vendor, customer, and staff money transactions are taken care of automatically. Your vendors will be sent an invitation to start using InLoop with you, meaning all your external payment methods are taken care of, and you don’t need to worry about having to synchronise systems or coordinating banking details.

InLoop streamlines the way you make your payments, both internally and to external vendors, and gives you a safer, more secure way to handle your finances.

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