ANZ BladePay™ & Impos POS Systems

Impos has teamed up with ANZ BladePay™, to bring you one very mobile payment solution you can use to create a seamless payment experience for customers.

The Impos and ANZ BladePay™ Solution

Imagine if your service staff could complete a transaction at any table by pulling information directly from the POS, and then confirm payment wirelessly. Well, now they can thanks to Impos SmartPay on ANZ BladePay™, which also eliminates many of the manual errors you may be used to.

With fewer trips between the POS terminal and your patrons, your service staff may be able to deliver faster, more efficient service. Better yet, your customers could enjoy a better overall experience.

Impos SmartPay also includes elegant bill splitting and tipping functionality, so that your customers can split bills by item, a specific amount, or, the number of people in their group. This allows you to see all items and all outstanding balances, so bills are always paid in full.

Potential benefits of using Impos SmartPay on ANZ BladePay™

For your business

  • Intuitive tipping functionality may encourage more frequent tipping
  • Manage tables without locking POS when taking payments
  • Fewer trips to the POS terminal
  • Less paper usage and lower costs, as itemised bills appear on screen

For your customers

  • More options and faster payment at table
  • Self-serve bill splitting
  • Convenient electronic receipting via SMS or email

How your Impos POS and ANZ BladePay™ work together

Impos SmartPay on ANZ BladePay™ integrates seamlessly, in real time, with your existing Impos POS system.

Based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, ANZ BladePay™ comes with ANZ FastPay Next Generation already loaded, so you can start accepting payments straight away.

You’ll find connectivity is a breeze thanks to the 4G SIM card, WiFi and Bluetooth functionality built into the ANZ BladePay™ device that let you connect to not only your terminal but other things like printers too.

Built as a secure, full payments ecosystem, Impos SmartPay on ANZ BladePay™ works as a mobile extension rather than replacement of your current POS system.

Together they are the future of customer service for quick service and dine in restaurants.

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