Marketing4Restaurants & Impos POS Systems

Impos and Marketing4Restaurants have partnered to give your restaurant or quick service restaurant the boost it needs, to open your visibility to more people and create repeat customers to stick with you for the long term.

Who is Marketing4Restaurants?

Marketing4Restaurants are passionate about helping restaurant owners like you build a successful, sustainable business. They’ve been in the game since 2008, providing smarter marketing solutions and insights to help restaurants grow.

Marketing4Restaurants can help you create a website that suits your needs, to drive your traffic and increase your marketing reach, and provide you with tips, training, and free tools to help your venue boom. Their goal is to make your marketing easy.

How You Can Benefit from a Marketing4Restaurants and Impos Integration

Marketing4Restaurants makes it easier for you to market your restaurant and increase your sales. With their help, you’ll be able to create a new website for your venue, with all the functionality that people these days are looking for. You’ll get a website that integrates all your social media platforms, allowing you to reach a wider audience, and uses proven tactics like search engine optimization to help you be more visible online.

Every month you’ll receive a report from Marketing4Restaurants that shows you your performance metrics, so you can keep track of your online traffic, your reach, and even measure yourself against their performance benchmarks. You’ll be able to see if you’re in the top-performing bracket, or whether you need to step up your online presence, giving you hard evidence of where you need to improve. With this information, you’ll be able to save time and direct your marketing in more efficient ways, giving you more time to do the things you love.

As well as a website, you get all the free tools you need to increase your profitability. You get access to a free online ordering system and a free online booking system, both of which integrate smoothly into your website, making it easier for your customers to order and book at your venue. Marketing4Restaurants also provides you with a range of training resources so you can keep learning how to step up your online marketing presence. Knowledge is power, and Marketing4Restaurants want to empower you to succeed.

How Our Integrated System Works

Getting started with Marketing4Restaurants is easy. Just sign up online, and they’ll send you all the information you need for them to create your website for you. All your search engine optimisation keywords, integration with social media platforms, and the material you need to increase your online visibility will be taken care of, and customer orders and bookings made on your new website are synced to your POS system, so you don’t miss a thing.

All you need to do is keep tabs on your site, and keep cooking great food and providing the best customer service you can. Marketing4Restaurants makes it easy to boost your e-marketing power, drive your customers, and grow your business.


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