Hey You App & Impos POS Systems

Hey You and Impos have integrated to bring you Australia’s best mobile ordering and payment solution for your venue.

Who is Hey You?

Hey You is Australia’s leading order ahead app, that lets your customers beat the queue and get their order fast.

With one in four Australians ordering through their phone every month, and spending on average 30% more when they do, Hey You makes it easier for your customers to come to you.

How You Can Benefit from a Hey You and Impos Integration

Hey You is a more efficient way of ordering. All the customer’s order data is entered by them on their app, meaning less room for error and leaving you time to serve more customers.

The app is synced with your POS software, with online payment made directly to your POS system. No messing around with cash or cards when picking up orders means you speed up your service and keep your queues moving.

Getting to know your customers and personalising your service is a breeze, as you’ll be able to track their favourite orders and see what keeps your customers coming back. Their order information gives you more opportunity to remember names, and let your favourite customers feel like part of the family.

Hey You lets your customers search their area for venues like yours, increasing your venue’s visibility. Attract more customers and increase your turnover with Hey You.

How Our Integrated System Works

Hey You integrates seamlessly with your Impos POS system. Your customer’s order information is sent directly to your terminal, appearing in your Saved Orders. You just confirm the order and it’s added to your queue.

Payment is made to your POS software the same way a credit card would be processed. When your customer comes to collect it, their order will be waiting. It’s as simple as that.

Meet Impos – Your New POS Solution

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For more information about the Impos and Hey You integration get in touch via the contact form or call us on 1300 308 615.

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