MyGuestlist & Impos POS Systems

Impos has partnered with MyGuestlist to bring you a more intelligent, more powerful way to connect with your customers.

Who is MyGuestlist?

MyGuestlist’s mission is to offer you the best marketing tools to kick your sales and revenue into overdrive and give you more sophisticated ways to grow your customer base.

Used by some of the top brands and organisations in Australia, MyGuestlist provides you with one easy-to-use online portal that consolidates all your marketing activities into one place. Combine your marketing and membership activities to see a real difference in your sales.

How You Can Benefit from a MyGuestlist and Impos Integration

Integrating with MyGuestlist gives your business a smarter, laser-focused marketing tool to drive your sales and bring your customers in.

Intelligent database filtering lets you target marketing and specials that mean something to your customers to drive more specific sales. Not selling enough steaks? Send a same-day 2-for-1 deal to your biggest steak customers. Give them a reason to visit your restaurant on any day you need.

Multi-platform sign-ups let you work from one universal database across your entire POS system. Wherever your POS goes, your customers can sign up and become part of your membership family. Combined with Impos’ mobile POS capabilities, it’s an easier way to grow your customer base.

You don’t need to constantly be hovering over MyGuestlist, either. Its advanced marketing abilities allow you to set up triggered communications, so you can market directly to customers when they buy a certain item, spend over a certain amount, or celebrate a membership anniversary. Just set it and forget it; MyGuestlist will do the rest.

How Our Integrated System Works

MyGuestlist’s power lies in its ability for everything to be done online, from your account. Simply log in to your MyGuestlist account and you’ve got everything you need, on your POS terminal, at the click of a button.

Migrate your existing database painlessly. Just select ‘Upload Contacts’, and drag and drop your database file into the specified area. Alternatively, you can build your new database from the ground up.

With your database in place, you can begin connecting with your customers. Use the Advanced Search function to set the parameters for the customers you want to target, and choose the communication you want to send, using either new material or pre-made copy.

You can check to see who’s received your messages, who’s read them, and who’s ignored them, using the reporting function.

Simply put, MyGuestlist is an easier way to manage your customer database.

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