Impos Membership System

Impos Membership gives you complete control over your customer reward and loyalty programs, all from your POS system.

What is Impos Membership

Impos Membership is a membership and loyalty integration that’s been designed for the hospitality industry. Our reward and loyalty system gives you a smarter way to increase your sales, and a more personalised way to look after your customers and thank them for being a part of your business.

How You Can Benefit from an Impos Membership Integration

Your Impos Membership integration will help you attract and keep your repeat customers.

You’ll be able to get to know your customers’ ordering habits and give them more personalised service, with this information getting logged into your customer database.

As well as making your customers feel valued, this allows you to market directly to them and offer them tailored incentives and rewards that encourage them to keep coming back to your venue.

Impos Membership gives you more opportunity to increase customer spend by offering a loyalty or rewards program that can be customised to suit your venue.

It can work the way you want, whether you’re after a tiered membership system, a percentage discount reward based on spend, or a bulk discount system that encourages customers to spend more upfront.

Our integrated membership system makes it easier for customers to sign up to your loyalty program, too, as they’re able to sign up at your POS terminal. They can start spending and earning rewards immediately, making it a faster way to connect with your customers, and for them to feel valued.

How Our Integrated System Works

Our membership module integrates seamlessly with your POS system so all your customer spend data and information is shared and logged. Even better, your customer database is updated automatically.

Our Membership Management module also lets you create your own membership cards, which can be used for discounts or tiered membership programs, using this customer data.

Create a straight discount card, or a point card, where customers earn points when they spend and can redeem these points for rewards or discounts.

Alternatively, you can create charge cards, where customers pre-load their card with a certain dollar amount to spend at your venue, and get a discount in the process.

Impos Membership makes customer loyalty even easier with a range of options available to suit your venue!

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