Membership Software Integrations

Your customers want to feel like they’re a part of your business, and Impos has partnered with a number of Membership Management systems to make your customers feel more connected to you.

Why Integrate Your POS System with Your Membership System?

When you integrate your POS system with your Membership system, you get a streamlined way to look after your customers.

Impos’ membership system gives you oversight of your customers’ spending and order habits, letting you get to know them better.

Your integrated membership database helps you market directly to your customers, making them feel like you really value them. Noticed someone buying a lot of lattes? Send them a deal for a free coffee next time they’re in.

You can target specials and loyalty rewards to each of your customers to boost same-day sales and keep them coming back.

Integrating your POS system with your membership system makes it easier for your customers to join your program. They can sign up directly from the POS terminal or tablet, so they can join your program wherever you make a sale.

Giving your customers an easier way to earn loyalty discounts gives them another reason to come back to you, bringing in more repeat customers.

Our Membership System Integrations

We’ve integrated with the best Membership platforms in the game to give you a range of ways to give your customers more.


MyGuestlist gives you the smartest targeted marketing software integration right from your POS system. You can target your entire membership database based on their spend and what they’ve ordered or when. You can then send reward or specials emails and text messages accordingly.

Your customers can sign up right from your POS terminal, making it easier for them to get on board and get connected with you.

Impos Membership

Impos Membership gives you control over your customer loyalty scheme. You can create membership cards, and customise your membership and loyalty levels.

This gives you the option to run a tiered rewards system. You can run multiple membership cards from the one system, and let your customers upgrade to different membership levels the more they spend.

Get to know your customers better, and increase your customer spend with incentives and loyalty rewards tailored just for them.

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