RoomKeyPMS & Impos POS Systems

Impos has partnered with RoomKeyPMS to give you a simpler, more powerful way to run your hotel.

Who is RoomKeyPMS?

RoomKeyPMS’s mission is to build you the best property management system they can, that is continually being improved to meet the needs of your hotel and your guests.

With the ability to manage your bookings and rates, monitor your staff and stock, and track the progress of your hotel, using RoomKeyPMS puts your entire hotel at your fingertips.

How You Can Benefit from a RoomKeyPMS and Impos Integration

Integrating your POS system with RoomKeyPMS gives you a centralised, streamlined solution to manage your hotel. RoomKeyPMS is customisable for your business, so you can get exactly what you need out of the system. As your business grows, so will RoomKeyPMS, to give you the functionality you need.

You’ll be able to manage all your reservations from one central database, with bookings, walk-ins, and prices all syncing directly to your system.

Check your room availability from any POS terminal, post new prices on your website, and process guest payments easily, with the information being available to anyone with appropriate access, across your entire venue.

Integration to your POS system gives you an easier way to connect with your customers and guests. You’ll be able to:

  • Drive reservations from your website through your POS terminal
  • Contact guests using your member database
  • Market directly to guests with promotions and deals that give them an added incentive to stay with you again

You’ll get real-time reporting from your POS terminal, with the ability to track everything from your profits and daily rates to stock levels and forecasts.

Integrating RoomKeyPMS with your POS system gives you the combined reporting power of two superior systems, so you gain deeper insight into your hotel’s data. You’ll be able to maximise every little detail of how you run your hotel.

How Our Integrated System Works

Much like the system itself, integrating RoomKeyPMS is easy. Simply download the app from their website using your RoomKeyPMS user information and install it on your POS system. Once you’ve set this up you can log in to the RoomKeyPMS system and get started.

Navigation is easy, with all your necessary hotel functions available and searchable at the touch of a button. Payment is synced with your POS system, and all your guest data is available on any terminal.

RoomKeyPMS provide you the support you need should you have any questions, and their website provides detailed and in-depth instructions on how to use every aspect of their software.

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