POS iPad Display Stands

Get rid of that clunky computer screen and install an Impos POS display stand.

How Does A POS Display Stand Work?

How Does A POS Display Stand Work?

A POS display stand doesn’t just hold your POS touch screen; it determines your POS location and service style.

Whether you’ve got a more robust terminal touchscreen or a thinner tablet option, our display stands can hold your POS touchscreen and display with ease.

Thin yet heavy duty, they’ll stand the test of time in your busy service environment.

Benefits Of Our POS Display Stands

POS Display Stands POS Display Stands

Install your POS display stand where it best suits your venue. Our customisable POS display stands are designed to go where you need them most, including:

  • On the counter
  • At the bar
  • At the front desk
  • On the wall

A better located POS display will improve your service, meaning quicker turnover and increased sales.

Without the reliance on a traditional, bulky POS display, you can keep the look that you want for your venue. Free up your counter space by installing your POS terminal on one of our POS display stands.

Keeping your POS display off the counter means a more welcoming service environment, and more room for the things you want to display.

POS Display Stands

Customise your POS display to how you use it. Raise and lower the mounting pole to suit the height of your staff. Move and tilt the display screens to any angle, giving you more comfortable use.

Our POS display stands are easy to use, and give your staff a more natural, comfortable service. Comfortable staff mean better service, and happy customers.

Go mobile with our range of sleek and streamlined tablet and iPad display stand options. Your tablet or iPad simply needs to be unclipped from the stand, and you’ve got a mobile POS system.

With a simple twist at the stand, you can serve your customers anywhere in the venue, increasing your efficiency and sales performance.

POS Display Stands

Our POS Display Stands

Whether you work over the counter, at the bar, or go mobile with an iPad or tablet POS system, get the POS display that’s right for you with an Impos POS display stand. Choose your setup, choose your accessories, and get the POS display you want.

Studio Proper iPad Pivot Stand

Studio Proper iPad Pivot Stand

Make the most of your counter space with the Impos iPad pivot stand. Twist the stand to suit any angle, with a range of 320 degrees, and use it in either portrait or landscape.

When you want to go mobile, just turn and click, and you can take it wherever you want to go. It’s designed to match your iPad too, in both looks and functionality.

Studio Proper Lock Wall Mount

Studio Proper Lock Wall Mount

For a modern, sophisticated look, the X Lock Wall Mount lets you mount your iPad POS to any surface.

At only a few millimetres thick, the iPad POS helps you keep your display area in line with your aesthetic.

Remove your iPad with ease, with just a turn and a click. No cables, no mess; it’s completely intuitive and easy to use.

Senor Pole Mount Kit

Senor Pole Mount Kit

Get your POS display off the counter and free up your valuable space with a Senor pole mount kit.

Make service a breeze with a customisable axis connector. It gets your POS display screen to the height that suits you, which makes for a reliable and durable display mount for any environment.

SpacePole Top Screen Mount

SpacePole Top Screen Mount

SpacePole lets you mount your POS display how you want it on their unique, modular system of ‘plates and poles’.

Improve the ergonomics of your POS display stay, enhance the safety of the equipment, and get your display off the counter, freeing up valuable space for display, sales, and order processing.

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