iPad & Tablet POS Systems

In this day and age, it’s time to get mobile. Take your POS to your customers and speed up your service time, with Impos’ range of lightweight iPad and tablet POS systems.

Our systems help you to improve your business

How Does Using An iPad Or Tablet POS System Improve Your Business?

Mobile point of sale is especially beneficial in the hospitality industry. At Impos we offer a range of devices to suit you and your objectives.

Our mobile POS systems are feature-rich and easy to use. Best of all, these work just the same as a regular POS. You can take orders, write special instructions and ring up sales with the same keys and touch screen capabilities as a larger POS. The benefit of a POS like this though is that you’re now mobile.

Equipped with a portable solution, your staff now have more service points, meaning reduced lines, less service time, and a more efficient business.

These POS gadgets also offer maximum flexibility and durability in tough bar and service environments. Take your POS system to the tables, take it out to the queue—take it outside. More flexibility means better quality service.

Empower your staff. They might not be able to keep every minor detail of your menu in their heads, but they sure can have it in their hands. Give them the equipment they need to provide the best service to your customers – and keep them coming back time and time again.

Benefits Of Our iPad And Tablet POS Systems

iPad And Tablet POS Systems iPad And Tablet POS Systems

Our POS system is designed to be used both on stationary terminals and on-the-go mobile devices, so why not make the most of it?

Get your staff out to tables faster, process orders and take payment at the table, or even take your Impos POS system out to the queues on busy days. Mobile POS solutions mean more efficient service, quicker order processing, and a higher turnover.

iPad And Tablet POS Systems

Our systems are all linked to your main POS. With all of your systems talking to each other, the information is relayed quickly and accurately, with nothing getting lost. You’ll be able to erase mistakes in a few simple keystrokes, and unlike with a handwritten order, you’ll always be able to understand it.

While it won’t affect some people, a lot of customers take comfort in a venue that has the latest POS technology. Impos’ systems will reassure your customers that you’re moving with the times, and that you’ll be able to accept their payment however they want to pay.

Training your staff couldn’t be easier, either. These days, everyone’s used a smartphone or similar device, so if you translate that into a service environment, quick, efficient POS use will come as second nature. Cut down on training time with a menu configured by you that’s purpose-designed for your business.

iPad And Tablet POS Systems

Flexibility meets portability

Our iPad POS system gives you a flexible, mobile POS hardware service option for your venue. It ensures maximum flexibility and durability in tough bar and service environments – all you need is a network connection and the Impos support staff can get you up and running before you know it.

Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air

Thin yet powerful, this smartphone is as fast as any personal computer, and is their lightest model yet. With lightning fast network capabilities and 10 hours of battery life, stay mobile during your service rush without worrying about losing power.

Impos’ Fully Charged Features & Functions

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Menu design, table management & kitchen messaging functionalities are just the beginning. Discover Impos’ full range of features tailored to hospitality businesses.

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