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Speed up your venue’s payments, serve your customers quicker, and get mobile, with Impos’ integrated EFTPOS solutions tailored to your needs.

How Does A Credit Card Reader And Processor Work?

How Does A Credit Card Reader And Processor Work?

POS credit card readers are mobile payment solutions for your café, restaurant, food truck, or bar. These handy, portable devices make receiving credit card payments a breeze and let you swipe cards away from the counter, meaning you can take customer payments anywhere in your venue.

Connected by either wireless or Bluetooth, our Impos software talks to your chosen credit card reader to process the payment quickly and directly.

Impos offers POS system integration with both Tyro and PC-EFTPOS credit card readers. Once you’ve chosen which system you want to integrate to your venue, simply give them call, confirm that your bank is compatible, and let them deal with the hardware. When you receive your mobile credit card readers, call Impos and we’ll configure your software.

And just like that, your POS system is now mobile. Impos’ integrated credit card readers and processors are a credit card payment gateway to a faster and more mobile business.

Benefits Of Our Tyro Credit Card Reader And Point Of Sale System Integration

Tyro Credit Card Reader And Point Of Sale System Integration Tyro Credit Card Reader And Point Of Sale System Integration

Keep your queues moving and your business booming with Impos and Tyro credit card readers.

Impos and dedicated EFTPOS banking provider Tyro have joined forces to bring your venue an end-to-end POS and payment solution. Streamlining your back-office:

  • Eliminates the need for double entries
  • Abolishes keying errors
  • Makes reconciling easy
  • Improves your sales
  • Allows you to do what you do best—focus on your customers

There are no transaction limits, no lock-in contracts, no set-up costs, no admin or break fees. Payments can be made from all major EFTPOS, credit and debit cards. No wires, no mess; it’s a great credit card reader for small business.

Integrate your accounting, banking, payments, and POS system to get easier access to working capital, allowing you to accelerate your business’ growth.

  • Tyro Credit Card Readers are completely mobile, meaning your staff make fewer trips between the POS and tables
  • Faster credit card processing means quicker service; faster table turnover generates higher sales
  • It’s easy to use—for everyone. Customers use their PIN to pay without leaving the table. The easier it is, the more inclined your customers will be to come back
  • Yes, we can split the bill – use Tyro’s simple split-bill option for customers and staff
  • No transaction limits and lower EFTPOS fees, with the option to accept debit cards at the table
  • POS integration eliminates keying errors and reconciliation issues
  • Cash-up faster with no end of day tip processing required
  • Easy reconciliation is now a reality. Your cash register and EFTPOS reports always match, and you can forget time-consuming manual adjustments. You can choose manual or automatic settlement, and there’s no need for printouts, letting you go home a little earlier.

Benefits Of Our PC EFTPOS Credit Card Reader And Point Of Sale System Integration

PC EFTPOS Credit Card Reader And Point Of Sale System Integration

PC EFTPOS is the leading supplier of integrated EFTPOS payment solutions in Australia. PC EFTPOS credit card readers send sales information from its mobile EFTPOS terminal directly to your Impos POS software.

Together Impos and PC-EFTPOS can bring your venue an integrated point of sale and payment solution.

  • With quicker credit card processing and debit card reading, the handy mobile device lets you speed up your payments and improve your service
  • No double-handling and fewer keying errors, as sales information is sent directly to the pin pad from your POS, meaning you only have to key in sales totals once
  • PC EFTPOS is available with all major Australian banks, meaning you’ll now receive credit card payments, no matter who you bank with.
PC EFTPOS Credit Card Reader And Point Of Sale System Integration

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