POS Barcode Scanners

Track, manage and monitor your stock with ease with an Impos barcode POS scanner.

How do they work?

How Does A Barcode POS Scanner Work?

Scan items at your point of sale, check your inventory when stock comes in, and scan barcodes quickly and easily with our range of innovative solutions.

Take your stock management abilities mobile with our scanners. Impos works with both hand-held single line scanners and 20-line oscillating scanners.

Instead of ticking off a box on a piece of paper when you do your stocktake, scan the item with your handheld device and have it sync up to your Impos POS system instantly.

No confusion, no stock loss. Simply connect your scanner to your Impos POS system, and away you go. This is inventory management for the future.

Adding barcodes to items is a simple process through the back office. You can even assign multiple to one specific item—great for products that come from different suppliers.

If you work in the retail space, this system also makes scanning products a breeze. No more keying in product codes or prices at the till; lightning-fast processing makes it all as easy as pointing and clicking.

Ink smudges, and signatures can be forged, so use the Impos barcode POS scanner to keep track of your bar cards or coffee vouchers. Scan the card, or even the customer’s mobile device, and see how much value is left, or give your favourite customer a free coffee.

Benefits Of Our Barcode POS Scanner

Barcode POS Scanners Barcode POS Scanners

Reduce your service time with our nifty systems. Just point the scanner at the item, click, and let your POS system do the rest. No keying in price codes, no inputting prices manually—the split-second processing time will keep your queues moving, meaning quicker service and higher customer turnover.

Monitor your stock more efficiently and easily. Instead of relying on pen and paper, scan the item and the unit will sync directly to your POS system, meaning no errors are made. Less errors saves you money, and takes the worry out of receiving stock.

Barcode POS Scanners

Get mobile. An Impos POS barcode scanner can register items on mobile devices, giving you a new avenue to reach out to your customers. Email receipts, vouchers, or mobile-only deals directly to their email address, and scan the code with your scanner.

The Impos POS system will instantly match it with what’s on your menu. This means you reduce the hassle of bar cards and coffee vouchers, save paper, printing time, and reduce your printing costs.

Barcode POS Scanners

Improve productivity

Save time and increase your business’ efficiency with Impos’ range of systems.

Datalogic Gryphon GPS4490 2D USB Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Gryphon GPS4490 2D USB

The Gryphon GPS4400 is a convenient and versatile unit. The on-counter, omnidirectional presentation scanner offers hands-free scanning of small items and handheld scanning operation for bulkier items.

The reader’s compact size makes it ideal for smaller spaces, while its adjustable stand positions it for easy, intuitive reading. When you don’t need it, just take the stand away, and reduce its size even more.

Datalogic Q/Scan Lite QW2120 Imager

Datalogic Q/Scan Lite QW2120 Imager

The QW2100 imager is small and lightweight, and its ergonomic design is comfortable to use during even the longest of stocktakes. It gives you snappy reading on most types, and has a wide scanning angle, perfect for capturing longer barcodes. Its razor-thin scanning line lets you scan at wider angles without having to increase the scanning distance.

Datalogic QuickScan Cordless Barcode Scanner

Datalogic QuickScan Cordless

The Datalogic QuickScan cordless handheld reader is perfect for use at your POS terminal. This multi-purpose device can also double for inventory, price-checking, and shelf-stocking.

The QuickScan is the ideal POS solution for retail and hospitality environments where mobile, flexible scanning is the key to speed, service, and a more profitable business.

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