Save More Than $550 - Receive a FREE Cash Drawer & Thermal Printer With Every Terminal Purchase

Save More Than $550 - Receive a FREE Cash Drawer & Thermal Printer With Every Terminal Purchase

Café POS Systems

The rush of a café in a busy service is as exciting as it is fraught; changes to dishes, takeaway orders, splitting checks and moving tables together can make for a tricky Saturday morning service. Our solution for café point of sale is based around flexibility, order information and speed.

10 percent of cafes across Australia choose Impos

The compliment of a full set of service features allow our café POS users to deal with any customers situation, from the crying baby to growing set of cyclists that want to pay separately. Moving tables for the book club is no problem.

Tracking down staff members for any order is a breeze with our authority based café point of sale system and our Check Access Screens. No client needs to miss their extras on breakfast with a fully customisable set of pop ups and adjustments available with staff and table information. This is café POS at its best.

Dietary requirements and notes on products can be attached to any product with pop-up menus to remind staff about specials and their ingredients. Using the café POS to let the chef know about a group of fructose free, gluten intolerant vegetarians has never been so easy.

Keeping track of your wastage is now enhanced with our partnership with Cooking the Books. Packaged stock can be tracked and staff prompted to define wasted dishes and drinks. Our café point of sale can save any venue money with strong analytics to get your profit levels where they need to be.

Live time reporting lets you know what is happening on your days off. If you need to know the numbers for the day, you can have them directly emailed to you at a time that suits. Keeping track of your staff hours and other overheads is now as easy as checking your Instagram or Facebook.

  • Auction Rooms
  • Baba Sus
  • Bowery Lane
  • Corner Store Cafe
  • Kettle Black
  • Phillippas
  • Seven Seeds
  • The Breakfast Thieves
  • Tobys Estate
  • Top Paddock

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