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Impos Table Layout Management is a fast, intuitive system that gives you the control you need to keep your orders moving, your tables turning, and your customer service on point.

Why Table Layout Management Is Important For Your Business

How your tables are laid out will dictate your service speed and efficiency, so you want to get it right. But what’s right for one venue might not work for you.

First and foremost, you want your tables laid out so that your staff can do their job. If you’re a table service restaurant, your staff should be able to serve each customer without having to serve over or around others.

The tables should be spaced well enough apart that your customers and staff can get to them without having to perform any complex acrobatics.

But all this becomes a little trickier in practice, with customers moving tables around, switching seats, or asking to split the bill six ways.

If you don’t have control over where your tables move, or if you lose track of where your orders are supposed to go, you lose valuable time and money. Your customer service reputation takes a hit.

Impos’ Table Layout Management lets you handle these situations on the fly, with everything you need available on your POS terminal.

Increase service speed with Impos’ table layout management

Keep track of your customers—no more searching around for customers who’ve disappeared into thin air. Impos Table Layout Management is a complete table layout tool that lets you:

  • Stay on top of your customers
  • Speed up your service
  • Save you time and money

Our Table Management software was designed for the restaurant and café industry, so you’re getting something with your venue in mind.

The Impos table layout feature lets you see the status of each of your tables at a glance, so you know where they are in their meal. This information helps you stay on top of your service and avoid any errors.

Using the intuitive Impos Table Management interface, transferring tables and even individual orders couldn’t be easier, saving you time and reducing wastage.

How Impos’ table layout management feature works

Table layouts


Impos’ Table Layout Management feature gives you a range of options to keep complete control over your floor, and it’s easy enough for anyone to use.

Start by using Impos Table Management to customise your floor plan. Using our software you create your floor plan using a drag-and-drop interface.

You can even add in tables to your specific dimensions so they match your venue as closely as possible. These tables can be identified by number or name, whatever works for you.

Table layouts


Once this is done, just update the plan in your system, and your Impos POS will do the rest. You get a floor plan that’s designed by you, for you, and it can be updated as often as you need.

You can set your POS system so that this floor plan appears immediately after each user logs in, prompting them to assign orders to tables, meaning no more forgotten orders.

To order to a table, just double-tap the table you want, enter the number of customers, and then select their orders from your POS menu. Save the items to the table, then send the order to your printers.

Table layouts


Changing tables is also a breeze—just highlight the table on your POS terminal, press the ‘change table’ button, and press the destination table. A docket will then be printed to notify your staff. It’s as easy as it should be.

Transferring items from table to table is handled in much the same way. Select the table you want, hit the ‘item transfer’ button, select the destination table, then choose your item. It couldn’t be simpler.

Impos also takes the headache out of splitting the bill. Simply select the table on your POS terminal, press the ‘split check’ button, highlight the items being paid for, and away you go.

Impos’ Fully Charged Features & Functions

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