Restaurant Booking Systems

The easier it is for customers to book a table, the more likely it is they’ll book at your restaurant. Maximise the efficiency of your service and let your customers beat the lines with an Impos restaurant booking system.

Why Restaurant Booking Systems Are Important For Your Business

In this day and age, a reliable restaurant booking system makes you stand out from the crowd and helps out both you and your customers.

Your customers get peace of mind knowing they won’t miss out on a table at their favourite venue. They can book a spot when they want, meaning they’ll always have somewhere to go for that special occasion.

Your customers get a smoother dining experience. Using your restaurant booking system, they get to avoid the queues, and won’t waste time choosing where to go.

The easier it is for your customers to come to you, the more likely they’ll be to recommend you to their friends. A guaranteed table is, for them, an added incentive to choose you as their favourite restaurant.

Good restaurant booking software saves you time and money. Synced directly to your POS terminal , your customers’ online orders go directly to your system, meaning fewer chances for human error and less time spent on the phone or answering emails.

You’ll be better prepared for the days and weeks to come. Knowing how many customers to expect means you can plan your staff and stock levels accordingly, so you’ll never be caught short.

You’ll know how many tables are taken, letting you plan around them. A restaurant booking system gives you better oversight of your service and lets your run your venue more efficiently.

Better manage your restaurant with restaurant booking systems

Impos has partnered with ResDiary to give you a selection of powerful online restaurant booking systems.

Managing bookings with ResDiary couldn’t be easier, giving you a more streamlined approach to your reservations.

The application is synced to your POS system, meaning your customers simply create a booking over the platform, and each booking is synced directly to your POS.

All you need to do is confirm each booking and it gets added to your reservation list, with this information available from any POS terminal in your venue.

You can manage your booking list through your POS, with this information relayed in real-time straight to your online booking platform, so your customers always have the most up-to-date table information.

Impos’ restaurant booking system integrations are designed to save you time, and give you a smoother, more intelligent way to manage your bookings. ResDiary brings you a complete restaurant booking software solution for your business.

Reach more customers with ResDiary

Reach more customers with ResDiary

Customers can find your venue online using ResDiary’s free web page option. ResDiary gives you smoother integration with social media, opening the door to more customers and giving you better online visibility.

This online solution lets you build a complete database of your customers, including profiles and contact details, which makes it easier to target them with advanced promotions, specific deals, and daily incentives.

Using ResDiary’s communication tools, your customers can be contacted even when you’re closed.

ResDiary also helps your venue with your marketing exposure, so you can get your name out there.

Their website gets:

  • More than 600,000 monthly visits
  • 150,000 app downloads
  • 20,000 social media followers

Not only that, but you can increase your online visibility even more, and generate more bookings by tapping into ResDiary’s contact network, which includes 35 of Australia’s most-searched food and lifestyle websites.

You’ll be able to receive bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ResDiary is accessible anywhere, on any service. Get automated reservation notifications and confirmations so you always know when your customers are calling.

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