Online Ordering & Purchase Ordering

Improve how you order your stock and manage your inventory with Impos Ordering. Streamline how your customers order from you with a range of online ordering platforms. Impos Ordering and Impos Order Ahead is ordering and purchasing made easy.

Why Online Ordering & Purchase Ordering Is Important For Your Business

Streamline your venue’s processes by automating your inventory management with Impos Inventory Module.

Our inventory management software lets you know when stock is running low and gives you the option of ordering based on previous order history. You can also generate purchase orders for single or multiple items using the Impos POS purchasing systems.

Centralise your stock and inventory management with Impos purchase ordering. Bring all your stock orders, invoices, and vendor information into a single, organised place.

Reduce the piles of paperwork, and sort through your information quickly and easily using our online system. Less paperwork and ordering time lets you focus on what you do best—serving your customers.

Impos Online Ordering makes ordering easier for your customers, too, and the easier it is for people to get a coffee from your café, the sooner they’ll come back.

Finally, Impos has integrated with a selection of third party ordering platforms to give your customers the option of ordering via mobile.

Keep on top of your stock with Impos Ordering

Impos makes it easy to monitor, manage, and keep on top of your stock directly through your POS terminal with Impos Ordering.

Create purchase orders quickly by using data available in your system or by scanning product barcodes with Impos purchase order software. Once you’ve worked out what you want (in record time), email your orders directly to your suppliers. No paperwork, no faxes, just fast, efficient service.

Impos Ordering also generates stock orders whenever a product drops below your preset levels, with customisable reorder levels. Never run out of stock during a busy service again.

Impos has partnered with web-based operational management provider, Cooking The Books, to help you run your business more efficiently.

Cooking The Books helps you track stock levels and enables electronic ordering and invoicing to run more efficiently.

Cooking The Books integrates seamlessly with your venue’s POS system—Impos monitors your venue’s sales and Cooking The Books tracks stock levels from the kitchen, meaning you’ll have real-time data available to make sure you’re never out of stock.

Increase service speed with Impos’ Order Ahead capabilities

One in four Australians purchase through their mobile every month. Offering mobile ordering means you can capture an increasing amount of this consumer trend. Service speed is increased with Impos Order Ahead, allowing for more orders to be processed and more revenue to be made.

Impos has partnered with a variety of order ahead applications to help your venue boost sales. With these partnerships, your customers can:

  • Beat the queues
  • Save their favourite orders
  • Modify orders
  • Let you know how far away from your venue they are


With payment processing done directly, increasing your venue’s sales becomes effortless. Order ahead applications also enhance the discoverability of your venue, with thousands of people using the apps to look for new venues to try everyday.

Hey You

Hey You

Hey You is Australia’s leading order ahead and payment app. Hey You allows customers to order remotely from their mobile device, with payment processing done directly.



Restaurant and café online ordering is made easy with Mobi2Go. Reduce in-store wait times, increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty by providing online incentives with Mobi2Go.

Saying goodbye to phone orders and manual order entry means less room for errors, with orders going straight to your POS system in real time.



Impos has integrated with Menulog, giving your venue the opportunity to increase sales. More than 500,000 people use Menulog each month to search for restaurants and order food, with their orders being processed directly to your Impos POS system, increasing your sales and service ability.

Impos’ Fully Charged Features & Functions

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Menu design, table management & kitchen messaging functionalities are just the beginning. Discover Impos’ full range of features tailored to hospitality businesses.

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