Property Management Systems

A good property management system needs to be powerful and flexible, and let you stay on top of your entire venue. Whether it’s rostering, payroll, stock management, bookings, or food service, Impos property management software is designed with your business in mind.

Why Property Management Is Important For Your Business

A good property management system is the backbone of your business, and allows you to control your venue in a more efficient way.

With the right property management software in place, you’ll be able to connect your venue’s systems with one integrated unit, letting you do more from your POS terminal.

Run your property your way, with everything you need at your fingertips—no more messing around with paper filing, or logging into and out of multiple systems.

All your key functions, such as reservations, rostering, stock management and more, are synced to your POS system, meaning less double-handling, less manual data entry, and less room for error.

With all your systems synced, reporting is a snap. Your property management system lets you identify where you can tighten up on costs and increase your margins, giving you better control of your business.

A good property management system will let you schedule your staff based on historical forecasts and guarantee that you have the right people on the right shift. Streamlined rostering lets you manage your wage costs more efficiently.

A good property management system makes your business run more smoothly by automating your tasks, leaving you with more time to serve your customers.

The benefits of Impos’ property management solution

Impos has partnered with leading PMS provider, RoomKeyPMS, to give you a next-generation property management solution.

RoomKeyPMS is an integrated, cloud-based hotel software provider that’s easy-to-use for your front desk staff, yet provides you with powerful management reporting to stay on top of your business.

RoomKeyPMS pulls all your hotel systems together, letting you manage every aspect of your hotel from one centralised location. You’ll be able to track and manage your bookings, rates, staff, and stock from your POS terminal.

Their online integration helps you market your venue in a smarter way. You can drive customer reservations from your website, giving you better visibility of your online reputation, and helping you gain insight into the hotel market.

With RoomKeyPMS you get 24/7 signature support, meaning you’re covered for any situation.

Run a smarter, more efficient hotel, and make better decisions with Impos and RoomKey PMS.

Let RoomKeyPMS act as your front desk

While Impos is specifically designed to look after your restaurant, café or function centre, RoomKeyPMS acts as your reservations and front desk, managing individual and group bookings.

The RoomKeyPMS booking engine syncs directly to your POS system from your website, meaning all your bookings are taken care of from start to finish.

The powerful booking engine captures your reservations in real-time, and adjusts your stock levels and inventory accordingly, ensuring your guests are taken care of and you don’t run out of a thing.

With a commission-free online booking engine and direct connects to all the major OTAs (including Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz and others), RoomKeyPMS can help save you time and money.

Impos’ Fully Charged Features & Functions

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