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Give your customers what they want and reward them for it, while increasing customer spend and loyalty at the same time. Impos Membership and Loyalty is membership management software designed for the hospitality industry.

Why Membership Management Is Important For Your Business

Loyalty and memberships programs are a great way to build up your customer base. Show your customers that you provide them with more value and better service, and keep them coming back.

Impos membership management software allows you to track client spend and view favourite items purchased. With Impos Membership you will be able to get to know your customers better and enjoy an increase in spend and returning customers.

With Impos Membership you can market directly to your Membership customers based on their specific purchases. Buying a lot of flat whites? Give them a deal for a free flat white next Thursday only. Or perhaps their next kilogram of single origin coffee beans is 10% off.

Tailored incentives not only increase customer spend, but increase your customer service standards. Impos membership management software will make your customers feel like part of the family.

Every business has quieter sales periods, and filling those slow times is essential for staying afloat. Drive same-day sales with Impos membership database software by marketing directly to your customers, for specials, incentives, and rewards, to get more traffic for your slower times.

Impos Membership is also an easy way for your customers to feel connected and valued. Make it easy for them to join, and the more they’ll use your program, the more they’ll feel a part of your venue.

Your customers can sign up directly from the POS terminal, or directly from a tablet or iPad, so they can opt in to your loyalty program wherever your POS system goes. Easy sign up means more opportunity for you to get repeat customers.

Increase returning customers with Impos Membership

Increase returning customers with Impos Membership

Impos Membership is a hospitality-based membership and loyalty management system designed to allow complete control over any type of loyalty scheme. Increasing spend per customer and giving attraction to get customers back in your venue just became a whole lot easier.

Reporting allows you to:

  • Export all details in PDF or excel format
  • View favourite items
  • Monitor spending habits
  • Have the ability to customise reports based on your specific requirements

Impos Membership makes increasing per customer spend and returning customers a breeze by allowing you to tailor attractive incentives that keep them coming back.

You can:

  • Track client spend
  • View favourite items purchased
  • Get to know your customers better

Enjoy an increase in sales and happy customers with Impos Membership and Loyalty. Get to know your customers better with integrated membership/loyalty system.

Give your customers different levels of membership and loyalty options, allowing you to run a tiered rewards system. For venues wanting to run multiple different membership cards to distinguish different levels of membership, the Upgrade Card is ideal.

Better target your customers with MyGuestlist

Better target your customers with MyGuestlist

With the power of Impos Membership, together with the vast social and traditional marketing capabilities of MyGuestlist, you now have the smartest targeted direct marketing capabilities right at your fingertips.

Impos and MyGuestlist work together to help reduce your workload while satisfying your customers. Target your customers based on how much they’ve spent, what items they’ve purchased, when and how often.

Send emails or text messages to your entire customer database, or filter your database to only those that have purchased particular food or beverage items.

Allow your database to grow with sign-ups from your POS terminals, website, and Facebook page, all synchronising in to the one central location.

Live sync between MyGuestlist web-platform and Impos allows you to have the one universal database without the need to import and export all the time. This is membership database software made easy.

Use MyGuestList’s advanced marketing capabilities to communicate to particular customers based on how much they’ve purchased and target your highest spenders to help increase revenue.

Segment and target your customers based on date of birth, what they’ve purchased, how much they have spent at your venue and much more.

Send emails, SMS and social media posts based on your highest spenders, those who have purchased specific products, or those who are most loyal to you.

Impos’ Fully Charged Features & Functions

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Menu design, table management & kitchen messaging functionalities are just the beginning. Discover Impos’ full range of features tailored to hospitality businesses.

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