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Good kitchen management lets you keep on top of your costs, increase your profits, deliver the best customer service, and keep your customers coming back for more. With Impos kitchen management systems, you’ll always be able to deliver.

Why Kitchen Management Is Important For Your Business

Proper kitchen management means the difference between your venue thriving, and just scraping by.

A good kitchen management system improves the accuracy of your inventory orders. Keeping on top of your stock levels means you’ll always know how much stock you have on hand, so you can avoid shortages and over-ordering.

Give poor-selling items the flick and increase your profits with the Impos kitchen management system.

Using kitchen management software you’ll know which products are the most cost-effective, which aren’t selling, and which are your crowd favourites. You’ll know which items to push to increase your profits, and when to stop selling your organic kale and parsnip muffins.

Good kitchen management also keeps your service running smoothing and efficiently. You know what stock you have and how much food to prep. And you can get the right people on the right task.

Centralise your prep tasks by getting your kitchen staff to prepare your cocktail ingredients prior to service, and let your bartenders focus on making drinks and serving customers.

Bring in repeat customers by ensuring you always meet customer demand, and their favourite meal is never out of stock. Impos kitchen management tools let you plan accordingly, and keep you cranking out meals to your happy customers.

Understand your business better with Impos’ kitchen management

Impos has partnered with web-based operational management provider, Cooking the Books, to help you run your business.

This smart, simple software system integrates seamlessly with your venue’s Impos POS system. Impos manages your venue’s sales from the POS terminal. Meanwhile, Cooking the Books tracks your stock levels from the kitchen, meaning you know what’s coming in and going out at all times.

With Cooking the Books, you get everything you need to run a successful and profitable kitchen. You can:

  • Cost your recipes accurately, assigning your ingredients to the exact gram
  • Sync your stock levels to prompt re-ordering when they reach a specific level
  • Develop key reports to keep on top of your business, such as food cost percentages, price movements, and stock availability
  • Keep your inventory updated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere
  • Identify the nutritional value for each recipe, to give your customers the most accurate information possible

Reach your food cost targets and know your stock requirements with Cooking the Books

Reach your food cost targets and know your stock requirements with Cooking the Books

With an automatically updated inventory, you can order stock based on historical requirements, so you’re always covered for your busiest shifts. Make sure you have all the ingredients to keep your meals coming and your drinks flowing.

With Impos and Cooking the Books, you get a better understanding of your venue’s costs of goods versus the actual costs, giving you a more accurate record of the running cost of your kitchen.

You’ll be able to track when goods prices change and know if it’s profitable to sell certain items out of season. You’ll know when the market changes, and whether it’s best to keep the mango smoothies just for summer.

With Cooking the Books you can also identify any cost inefficiencies, and adjust accordingly. Get better oversight of your supplier costs, and determine if it’s time to change supply companies.

With the ability to track your stock to the millilitre and gram, you can target wastage more efficiently. You’ll even be able to identify if it’s a widespread issue or specific to one staff member.

Impos kitchen management systems make sure you meet your monthly sales and stock targets, and ensure all your incoming and outgoing stock is accounted for.

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