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Impos’ Inventory Management POS Module was designed to increase business visibility, helping to save you time and money. Stock control and sales and purchase analyses can make a world of difference in helping to inform smart business decisions.

Why Inventory Management Is Important For Your Business

For your venue to be successful, it’s important that you’re on top of all aspects of the business, including the stock that is coming in and the stock that’s being sold. A good stock control system is a wise investment that will help your business develop and grow.

Inventory management is crucial in all venue types. It tracks a number of features that contribute to the success of a venue, from the ingredients required to prepare a dish to the components of your most complicated cocktail.

Stock management software that integrates with your venue’s point of sale system allows you to control all aspects of your inventory, keep an even flow of supply and increase overall profit.

The risks of not implementing a POS with inventory control

Being aware of the available stock at the beginning and end of the day allows you to make more informed decisions that will see your business thrive.

Stock ignorance can result in variances that can negatively impact revenue. Knowing your venue’s average wastage can also help you keep on top of light-fingered staff.

A positive variance suggests too much stock is being used or going missing. A negative variance implies that fewer materials are being used in food and drink preparation, which could mean a decrease in quality.

Tips for making sure your stock is used resourcefully

  1. Always ensure that you organise your existing stock before bringing in fresh stock to avoid excessive or insufficient inventory, resulting in wasted funds.
  2. Keep an eye on your venue’s variances in stock to ensure a well-managed kitchen.
  3. Organise for purchase orders to be generated when particular items reach their par-level to never run out of supplies on a Saturday night again.
  4. Make sure items are being used on a first-in-first-out basis; only when previous has stock run out should new stock be ordered and used.
  5. Enter your recipes into your point of sale software to gain an estimate into the price of the dish based on the ingredients used, and make more informed decisions around food pricing.

Better understand your business with Impos’ inventory management

Implementation of the Impos Inventory Module decreases shrinkage and leakage, and allows any business to better manage costs.

Once you’ve entered purchases you can export them out to your accounting software, decreasing administration and ‘double handling’ of purchases.

The direct result is an increase in profit. Track, manage and monitor your stock with ease all with a device slightly bigger than your average mobile phone.

Impos’ inventory module gives you better stock control

Tracking inventory and food costs can be tricky. The Impos Inventory Module eases the process by:

  • Helping you track the things you buy and sell
  • Managing the purchasing process
  • Simplifying physical inventory
  • Atomatically generating Purchase Order Lists based on par levels and Order Lists based on based on historical sales
  • Providing accurate cost tracking using weighted average cost accounting principles and detailed information like food cost analysis and variance reporting.

Our Stock Management Products

The CipherLab Linear Imager Inventory Scanner saves you time and money by eliminating the need for manual, pen and paper data entry, with the possibility of human error being removed. They allow for accurate, simple scanning.

The speed of the stock-take process is increased as you can collect multiple fields of data such as quantity, location, time and date. Gain greater control over your venue’s inventory management.

“We always have less than 0.5-1% variance on stock and that includes all food and beverage items on a weekly basis. Using Impos’ Stock Management POS in conjunction with a fast front end POS system for each and every sale is essential for running our business. It’s a foolproof system, which is exactly what every business needs and saves me valuable time and money.”

Craig Thomas, The Brisbane Hotel, Perth

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