Food & Recipe Costing

Keep on top of your profit margins, get better control over your stock and inventory, and make smarter business decisions with Impos food and recipe costing software.

Why Food & Recipe Costing Is Important For Your Business

Food Costing


Knowing your food and recipe costing isn’t just important, it’s the cornerstone to keeping your business afloat. Getting accurate food and recipe costing means you stay on top of your inventory, as you know exactly what’s coming in and going out.

With Impos food costing software, you’ll be able to work out where you need to tighten up on your recipes, so you can increase your margins.

You might find that an ingredient in one recipe could be replaced with a cheaper, better-quality ingredient, or you could be taking a nose-to-tail approach and doing more with the products you have.

Food Costing


Proper food and recipe costing means you’ll automatically have a menu plan in place, so you know you’re covered for the week’s service.

It gives you peace of mind that you’ll be prepared for whatever your customers throw at you, and you’re not likely to run out of any meals or drinks.

Use it as a regular ‘health check’ for your business. Updating your food and recipe costing regularly lets you stay on top of the market, meaning you can account for any changes in the cost of produce.

Food Costing


Recipe costing software lets you determine which are your highest value meals. You can then use this information to increase your sales by letting your service staff know which meals to push. Smashed avocado and feta on toast, anyone?

Food and recipe costing software also helps to create a culture of awareness amongst your staff. They know that the costs are being analysed, so they’ll do their best not to waste anything.

Keep track of your business with our food & recipe costing

Impos food and recipe costing software gives you complete oversight of your profit margins directly from your POS terminal . Our food costing software give you a smarter way to run your venue.

Link your menu items to stock items

Every one of your menu items is linked to your inventory, so every time you make a sale your stock levels are updated accordingly.

You can tailor it exactly to your recipes, so ingredients are deducted from your stock to the exact gram. So, for example, when you sell a Carlton Draught stubbie on your POS terminal, this then removes one unit of Carlton Draught (stubbie) from your inventory.

Or if you sell fried eggs on toast, this deducts the number of eggs and slices of bread from your stock list.

Modify your prices from your POS terminal

Impos food and recipe costing software lets you make adjustments to your prices right there at your POS terminal, without having to mess around in the back office.

You can set special security requirements, such as a manager log in, to ensure only authorised people can perform this action.

With the ability to set different pricing levels, you can configure your system to be set up for public holidays or weekends, without your staff needing to lift a finger.

Track your availability from your POS

You can keep track of your meal availability with the Impos Item Countdown function. This tool lets your wait staff know how many serves of a certain meal are left in stock, so they know when an item has run out.

Once the count for that item reaches zero, a pop-up window appear on your POS screen, letting you staff know that the item has run out.

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