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With an Impos point of sale system for your school, you get an end-to-end education POS solution that suits all your school’s needs. The Impos education POS system is a powerful, complete solution for your school.

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Educational Facilities

Powerful Integrations To Run Your School

Powerful Integrations To Run Your School

To make your ordering and payment systems easier, we’ve partnered with Flexischools, Australia’s leading provider of online ordering and cashless systems for schools.

With over 1,000 schools and 18 million orders processed, Flexischools is the all-in-one solution making your school services more efficient, profitable and accessible.

Flexischools streamlines everything: your payments, ordering, and purchase processing, right across your school campus. This includes your canteen, uniform orders, school events, excursions, fundraisers and fees—whatever your school does, Flexischools can help.

With a low-cost setup, your school can reduce its reliance on cash, reduce your staff workloads and provide parents with the ability to interact with your school 24/7.

An easier system for parents

An easier system for parents

With Flexischools, you take the worry out of parents ensuring their child has the right amount of cash handy for school lunch orders.

Flexischool’s Cashless Cards software is integrated with the Impos point of sale terminals, enabling students to access the balance of their guardian’s Flexischools account. Additional rules, such as daily spend limits, are applied at the register.

The photo security feature displays an image of the student when they scan their card, to minimise bullying and stealing.

Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere

Impos education POS software allows for multi-site schools to streamline your business processes by running reports and checking data across individual schools, or at a birds-eye level, wherever you are.

If your mobile phone is web-enabled, you can live-stream your multi-site education POS reporting, no matter which site you’re working from.

Get the advantage of web-based reporting from any web browser, with all data streaming live over a secure location—it’s fast and easy, and gives you visibility of all your school sites, wherever you are.

Impos keeps your data secure

Impos keeps your data secure

Your school’s data is stored on-site and run on a closed internal network. And you can access it through your education POS system. You know exactly where it’s kept, and who has access to it.

Education Facilities benefiting from the Impos point of sale system

Impos powers a range of schools around Australia. Here’s what one of our satisfied customers is saying about the Impos education POS system:

St Margaret’s St Margaret’s

“The joint online ordering and cashless card solution through Flexischools and Impos has benefited St Margaret’s from the perspective of increased sales, and a reduced administrative burden on tuckshop staff.”

“Parent and caregivers have also found the system a more convenient and secure way to purchase food orders on behalf of their children, evident by the increase in use of the system over time.”

Leah Saul, Executive Officer

“It’s our first year using the cashless card system and it’s incredibly easy. I don’t need to worry whether anything goes wrong with my daughter during the day; if her schedule changes she can rush to the tuckshop and grab something to eat without worrying about how to pay for it. We have an automatic top-up setup on our account so it’s stress free for me as a parent. It’s great!””

A Happy Parent

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Our POS Support

With our support services, we make sure covered with a team of industry professionals who offer effective advice on how to best work your POS system.

Choose your support

Impos gives you the option of business hours support or 24/7 premium and platinum support.

After the first 12 months you can choose to opt out of our support, however over 95% of our customers choose to continue with or upgrade their support plan at the end of this period.

How we support you

Our POS service and POS support staff are IT professionals who understand your business. With our ability to remotely and instantly access your POS system, we ensure that our promise to provide the best POS support and POS servicing in the industry is always fulfilled.

We take pride in this commitment to you and your school, and we’ll always be there for you, no matter what time of day or night.

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