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Who is St Margaret's Anglican Girls School?

Often the last thing on a busy parent or caregivers mind is ensuring their child has the right amount of cash handy for school lunch orders. Then of course there are the security risks associated with allowing a child to walk around with cash.

This was a challenge that St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School’s tuckshop sought to address.

Businesses That Love Our POS System

Everything we do is geared towards your business thriving.

Black Pearl

Nathan Beasley – Manager


Stella Long – Co-owner

The Botanist and Bondi

Ben Carroll – Owner


Christian Blair – Owner

Bulletin Place

Nathan Beasley – Manager

The Brisbane Hotel

Craig Thomas – Owner

Cape Mentelle Vineyards

Robert Dewar – Manager

Gordon Street Garage

Maxime Rosier – Manager

Electric Circus

Evan Coghlan – Manager

Fire & Stone

Matthew Persichini – Manager

“The way the system is set up makes things really, really easy. You can breeze through a busy service with Impos in a busy bar like Black Pearl.”

“We originally chose Impos due to experience using it as staff at MoVida, and found the staff at Impos and service very helpful and prompt. Also, the system itself is very user-friendly and efficient, with accurate and flexible operations. We would most definitely recommend Impos to other venues, as it is the most reliable point of sale system we have encountered, and makes running the business easier, which is invaluable.”

“Since installing Impos into Bondi Hardware, our staff are more efficient and the system runs very smoothly. It’s is extremely user friendly, meaning fast transactions in turn improving customer satisfaction. It is also extremely flexible and easy to use from a back of house perspective. We had such success with the Impos system in our first venue, Bondi Hardware, that it was our first choice when opening our second venue The Botanist Kirribilli in 2012”

“Since opening, we have been a very busy venue, and Impos has meant that we don’t have a raft of issues to deal with POS wise, and the visibility in the back of house is immensely valuable to the overall running of Annata.”

“The way the system is set up makes things really, really easy. You can breeze through a busy service with Impos in a busy bar like Bulletin Place.”

“We always have less than .05-1% variance on stock and that includes all food and beverage items on a weekly basis. Using Impos stock management in conjunction with a fast front end POS system for each and every sale is essential for running our business. It is a foolproof system which is exactly what every business needs and saves me valuable time and money.”

“Impos as a point of sale system is truly impressive, with a depth and flexibility to cater across a wide range of operational requirements.”

“It’s so easy to train staff on Impos. Within five minutes I can have my staff all trained up and ready to take orders.”

“A POS system has to be fast. Impos is the fastest I have ever seen and is continuing to be developed all the time. The new graphs and reports are sensational”

“Impos are as passionate about their POS, just as we are about pizza. Impos has great functionality, is easy for anyone to use, and offers increased efficiency and great menu flexibility.”

“The support they offer via remote access is second to none. They are constantly improving and integrating with some fantastic companies, providing your business the competitive edge you need to thrive. The Impos system was fully operational from install and ready for the same day’s trade. Impos delivers every time.”

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