St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School

Who is St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School?

Who is St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School?

Often the last thing on a busy parent or caregivers mind is ensuring their child has the right amount of cash handy for school lunch orders. Then of course there are the security risks associated with allowing a child to walk around with cash.

This was a challenge that St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School’s tuckshop sought to address.

St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School

How we helped

St Margaret’s implemented Flexischools in 2013, which enabled the school’s tuckshop to provide online order options for parents or caregivers of enrolled students.

In September 2015, Impos helped transition the school’s tuckshop one step further away from a reliance on cash, through the implementation of Flexischool’s Cashless Cards integrated with Impos point of sale terminals. Cashless cards enable students to access the balance of the parents/caregivers Flexischools account with additional rules, such as daily spend limits, being applied at the register. The photo security feature displays an image of the student when they scan their card minimizing bullying and stealing.

St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School

What happened next?

Flexischools Cashless Cards coupled with Impos Point of Sale terminals have directly benefited tuckshop sales, with average weekly sales increasing 234 per cent per week, post-introduction of cashless cards. At the time that the cashless card solution was introduced, Flexischools was actively used by 44 per cent of the St Margaret’s school community. Almost one year on, this has grown to 86 per cent.

Tuckshop staff say the system has also helped save them time, up to 10 hours per week. With the Cashless Cards, more orders are being processed, more quickly, and there is less cash on premises. Time that once would have been spent counting cash can be better allocated to tasks that benefit the tuckshop, such as spending more time developing healthy and exciting menu choices, hosting special food days and sourcing cost effective and desirable products for sale. More generally, the integrated solution between Flexischools and Impos has helped the tuckshop better track “what’s hot”, against “what’s not”, through management and planning of inventory and stock requirements.

St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School has recently made the move toward a cash free environment adding a range of services like events, fundraisers and bus ticketing, incorporating all their school suppliers such as the P&F and Alumni Association in one solution.

St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School
St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School

What the customer said

“The joint online ordering and cashless card solution through Flexischools and Impos has benefited St Margaret’s from the perspective of increased sales, and a reduced administrative burden on tuckshop staff. Parents and caregivers have also found the system a more convenient and secure way to purchase food orders on behalf of their children, evident by the increase in use of the system over time.”

Leah Saul,
Executive Officer — Business, at St Margaret’s School

What one happy parent said

“It’s our first year using the cashless card system and its incredibly easy. I don’t need to worry whether anything goes wrong with my daughter during the day, if her schedule changes she can rush to the tuckshop and grab something to eat without worrying about how to pay for it. We have an automatic top-up setup on our account so it’s stress free for me as a parent. It’s great!”

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