Jim Brown Cypriot Food Truck

Who is Jim Brown Cypriot Food?

Who is Jim Brown Cypriot Food?

Jim Brown Cypriot Food is a Melbourne-based, family-run food truck. Launched by owner Stefan Loizou late in 2016, it blends traditional Cypriot cuisine with elements of modern street culture. And while initially catering for to private functions and events, the ‘restaurant on wheels’ now makes its way around the city showcasing the best of Cypriot food to the people of Melbourne.

Jim Brown Cypriot Food Truck Jim Brown Cypriot Food Truck

How we helped

The food truck scene has grown rapidly in Australia and has become a popular option for casual dining.

But success relies on a few important factors, including fast and efficient service.

Stefan needed a (POS) system that automated the manual process of hand-written orders, and which created more efficiency for the business overall.

Following a smooth installation process and training sessions to help the business get the most out of the Impos system, all employees became fluent in no time thanks to the completely user-friendly system.

Impos makes it easy to update the menu on the fly thanks to the customisable interface, and stabilised and improved internal communication flow between staff.

Jim Brown Cypriot Food Truck

What happened next?

Since Impos came on board as Jim Brown’s chosen POS provider, it has seen improvements across all facets of the business.

This includes an increase in revenue in the relatively short period of time, and an increase in customer satisfaction thanks to order times being quicker, less order errors and having the option to pay by EFTPOS.

Stefan has also been impressed by the amount of sales data the Impos system stores. This has simplified reporting and helped him make smarter business decisions generally; for example it helps him predict future stock requirements and understand what menu items he should promote as a special.

Jim Brown Cypriot Food Truck
Jim Brown Cypriot Food Truck Jim Brown Cypriot Food Truck

What the customer said

“The Impos system is very user-friendly, even for those who may not be very tech savvy.

We’ve also found the customer service to be great – it’s a comfort to know you can talk to a real person at any time of the day, and they can log into your system remotely to fix the issue.”

Jim Brown,
Owner — JimBrown Cypriot Food Truck

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