How to use the New Year to market your business

While Christmas might be all the buzz right now, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will follow hot on its heels.

So, here is how you can use this holiday period to market your business and kick 2020 off with a bang.

Tap into New Year resolution culture

One of the big things associated with the New Year is the resolutions that come along with it.

People across the globe look to make positive objectives for the year, and your business can tap into these resolutions to market products and services for people making these lifestyle changes.

The most popular New Year’s resolutions in 2019 were:

  • Exercise to get in shape (19.7 per cent)
  • Diet to lose weight (18.2 per cent)
  • Save money (14.8 per cent)
  • Eat healthier in general (11.9 per cent)
  • Something for self-care (5.5 per cent)

The common thread is better health, so roll out your best ‘clean’ products and services for those looking for a new start. While resolutions don’t always stick, they certainly do for a majority of January – make the most of them!

Party time!

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for people to let their hair down, eat, drink and be merry with their friends and loved ones.

Set yourself up to provide an experience for NYE – be it live music, party games or other forms of entertainment. Pair it with good food and drink specials that give people a reason to book at your venue.

Don’t forget about New Year’s Day as well, especially if your business is more low-key. A recovery session with ambient music, healthy food options and a few cheeky cocktails is likely to appeal to many after a big night prior to.

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Use the New Year to launch new products and services

The New Year is the birth of new opportunity and experiences for everybody, so serve up something brand new for your consumers – both existing and potential.

This is the perfect time to kickstart the year with a product or service that you have been working on for 2019. You can market it through social media and email channels to invite your consumers to start 2020 with something new.

Invite consumer feedback

Creating engagement on social media and first-hand is a great way for businesses to develop a rapport with their customers. It is a two-way dialogue that creates a strong bond between business and consumer, while good word-of-mouth also helps you grow your audience.

The New Year is a great time to leverage this by inviting your audience to offer feedback and advice for the future. As this time is all about the “new” aspect – new trends, new habits, new opportunities and new beginnings – you can ask your customers directly what products and services they would like to see at your business.

It is a simple and effective strategy that will improve your brand and also help you improve your operations and grow your consumer base.

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