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Impos offers a range of features designed to benefit your business. No matter what style of venue you run, Impos has the product and feature set to suit.

Membership and Loyalty

Impos offers customers a Membership and Loyalty system designed for the hospitality industry. It makes increasing per customer spend and returning customers a breeze by allowing you to tailor attractive incentives that keep them coming back. Impos Membership and Loyalty allows you to track client spend, view favourite items purchased and get to know your customers better.


Impos’ Inventory Module helps increase business visibility and saves you time and money. Implementation of Impos Inventory decreases shrinkage and leakage, and allows any business to better manage costs. Once purchases are entered this can then be exported out to your accounting software, decreasing administration and ‘double handling’ of purchases. The direct result is an increase in profit. Track, manage and monitor your stock with ease all with a device slightly bigger than your average mobile phone.


Impos helps you to increase numbers with smart and targeted marketing. Target your customers based on how much they’ve spent, what items they’ve purchased, when, and how often. Impos speaks to third party applications like MyGuestlist to help reduce your workload while satisfying your customers. Live sync between MyGuestlist web-platform and Impos allows you to have the one universal database without the need to import and export all the time. Plus, you can use membership cards, stickers or customers’ phone numbers and email addresses to bring up their spend history on your system. Communicate to particular customers based on how much they have purchased and target your highest spenders with Impos Marketing.


Impos has partnered with scheduling applications BoxSuite and Deputy to help employees work more efficiently and save you hours. BoxSuite is a beautiful, intuitive online solution for rostering, attendance, payroll and cost analysis that’s available anywhere, at anytime. Impos customers get access to Box Suite’s features such as a free mobile site, real time data, digital punch clock, payroll integration, automated shift fill and swaps, award interpretation, rosters based on historical forecasts and roster and budget creations. Impos customers also have access to Deputy’s intelligent work scheduling, timesheet management and employee communication tools. Optimise staffing, manage wage costs more efficiently and develop long-term planning strategies around roster management. Schedule employees based on sales forecasts to minimise wage costs and maximise efficiency benefits through better staff management and communication.


Table Layout

Impos’ software has an extensive table layout feature that was designed for the restaurant and café industry. Table layout is vital in the hospitality industry as it allows for great and speedy customer service. Impos’ table layout feature allows you to see the status of each table at a glance. Plus table layout information helps you stay on top of your customers and avoid any errors. Transferring a table in the feature is a breeze with Impos’ intuitive interface, saving your venue time and money.


Kitchen Management

Impos has partnered with web-based operational management provider, Cooking The Books, to help you run your business proficiently. Cooking The Books helps hospitality business owners and managers track stock levels, manage food pricing and enable electronic ordering and invoicing to run more efficiently. Cooking The Books integrates seamlessly with your venue’s point of sale system. Impos monitors your venue’s sales and Cooking The Books tracks stock levels from the kitchen. This enables you to better understand your venue’s cost of goods verses actual costs, and provides a more accurate record of the running cost of goods.



Impos has integrated with Australian reservations application Dimmi to help you reach more customers. Dimmi is Australia’s favourite restaurant manager that allows customers to find your restaurant or cafe online and make a reservation, which is sent directly to your venue’s point of sale system. Using Dimmi allows you to spend more time with your customers, instead of being tied up on the phone and responding to emails. The marketing power behind Dimmi means that customers can be reached even while your venue is closed. Receive automated reservation notifications and confirmations, build guest profiles and a database for remarketing and accept deposits and payments with ease.



Impos has partnered with a variety of order ahead applications, including Hey YouMobi2GoMenulog and SmartOrdering, to help your venue boost sales. Customers can beat the queues, save their favourite orders, modify orders and even let you know how far away from your venue they are. With payment processing done directly, increasing your venue’s sales becomes effortless. Order ahead applications also enhance the discoverability of your venue, with thousands of people using the apps to look for new venues to try everyday. One in four Australians purchase through their mobile every month. Offering mobile ordering means you can capture an increasing amount of this consumer trend. Service speed is increased with Impos ordering, allowing for more orders to be processed and more revenue to be made.



OneSaas is an Impos Accounting Integration that sends venues’ sales transaction information to a variety of accounting systems. Impos customers are set up with a OneSaas account so that their data such as sales, refunds, reverses, discounts and voids are seamlessly synced. Impos and OneSaas send sales data to various accounting systems such as MYOBQuickBooks and Xero. OneSaas allows you to get your apps talking and sharing data, plus you don’t have to waste any more time manually entering data or updating your business apps. All data is up to date and accurate as human error is avoided. Better data means better insights allowing for more informed business decisions.


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Everything we do is geared towards your business thriving. We understand that you’re in business to make money, and our feature set allows us to make your success our priority. Call 1300 308 615 to learn more today.