Should your business use Menulog?

For decades, the delivery of takeaway food was almost the exclusive domain of pizza restaurants. While the big chains would drive those goodies to local homes, other fast food and restaurant brands elected for pick-up services only.

But in recent years, that has all changed.

Digital delivery platforms mean that any form of hospitality business can tap into on-demand options for local customers. As a result, the general population have embraced the variety now available to them.

Menulog is one of these market leaders dominating the space in Australia, with 500,000 people using their service in Australian every month.

While many small businesses and large corporations alike are utilising platforms like Menulog, there are many food services out there still yet to make a decision. So, in this post, we’re answering all of those nagging questions in your head, highlighting the benefits you can expect if you wander down this path for your business.

Menulog has committed to Australia for the long-term

A common problem that people have with apps and new innovations is a fear of how long these solutions will stick around for. As trends shift, so too does technology, so this concern is a well-justified one. And while Menulog is not without competition, the company has asserted itself as a dominant player in Australia.

Furthermore, there is no active interest in Menulog withdrawing its support in this country anytime soon. You won’t see this platform surrender to its rivals in the near future.

In fact, Menulog’s UK parent company Just Eat has recently come to terms on a merger with Amsterdam-based  The collaboration includes a £5 billion ($9.1 billion) merger that has secured the future of the company.

Add to that the 2.6 million active customers reported in the Australasian region in the first half of 2019, and there’s plenty to give you peace of mind. But if that’s still not enough, even rival Foodora has exited the market, due to Menulog’s explosive popularity.

Fresh marketing is set to boost sales in Australia

Menulog is tapping into the resources of its parent companies to deliver new promotional campaigns across both digital and traditional platforms in Australia.

A new slogan ‘Did Somebody Say Menulog?’ aims to make the brand even more recognised, and uses existing Just Eat It assets to create a globalised marketing approach.

This campaign has already started in Australia, and it is hoped to sway perceptions of ordering via delivery is for special occasions only, and more as an everyday option.

Menulog is currently available to 92 per cent of the Australian population, and the company is also looking to expand that reach.

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More people are expected to take up delivery services in the future

Online takeaway food orders currently make up about 10 per cent of the global fast-food market, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley. That is expected to rise to 23 per cent of the market by 2025, growing into a $4.2 billion industry.

While the system is hugely popular today, it is only going to grow in popularity as this market continues to gain momentum and more people take up the service. So, it goes without saying that it has beyond reached the saturation point, making signing up now a valuable investment for your business’s future.

How does Menulog work for businesses like yours?

A representative from Menulog’s digital team recently advised their commission for orders taken through your website is less than 10 per cent.

SBS also launched an investigation into the online takeaway food order industry in Australia and found that rivals Uber Eats were charging as much as 35 per cent, while Foodora would not disclose their commission fees at all.

As well as offering a lower commission for food services ordered through your own website, Menulog also sets up your shopping cart for transactions for free. That way, people can order home delivery through your existing website, powered by Menulog, allowing you to pay a much lower commission.

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Your top questions answered

Q.How does the system work? Do you provide the printer?
A.Menulog provides the printer system which has its own built-in sim card and does not rely on your internet.
Q.How long does it take to set up Menulog, from the first contact to fully operational?
A. The longest it will take to set up a business with Menulog is two weeks.
Q.How does the payment system work?
A.Electronic payments are processed by Menulog, where the commission is taken. The balance is then deposited into your nominated account.
Q.How often are businesses paid by Menulog?
A. Menulog pays businesses that use their service every Thursday.

How Menulog integrates with Impos

Impos provides a range of point of sale (POS) solutions to help streamline your operations and better serve your customers.

With Impos’ POS systems, you can manage all of your transactions through a central system, where all data is stored in the cloud. This makes it secure, safe from power or hardware failures and enables remote access to those with the required permissions.

It is fast, reliable and you have access to 24-hour support, so you know that your POS system will never let you down.

Best of all, Menulog’s platform directly feeds into this point of sale system, allowing you to bring up orders on the screen and manage them efficiently. See all of your transactions in one place, as well as all instore orders.

If you’re looking to integrate the boom of food delivery apps into your business, we recommend getting in touch with the Impos team.

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