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Rostering Integrations: Comparing Zuus, Tanda & Deputy

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** Update: Until the end of June 2018, we’re offering exclusive Tanda & Deputy offers as part of our End of Year Financial Sale! Sign up with Impos & Tanda for a free timeclock tablet; sign up with Impos & Deputy and receive 20% off for the first 3 months. 

Integrating a leading rostering and time management system with Impos is a quick and effective way to manage all your rostering needs.

Your staff can clock on and off and you can forecast ahead, view roster calendars, organise shift swaps, sync it with your payroll, generate rosters based on historical staffing info and much more, all from your Impos terminal.

Long story short, a rostering & time management integration saves you a lot of time and hassle, allowing you to devote yourself to running your venue and serving your customers.

However, with so many great competing rostering systems out there, we thought we’d help you decide by summarising our main rostering and time management integration partners. Each one offers something a bit different, so you can be sure one will work for you.

Deputy: A complete staff management toolkit

Deputy is an undisputed world leader in the people management business. Since 1992, Deputy is now used by over 30,000 businesses in 70+ countries.

Deputy has always prided itself on making rostering easier and more efficient, hence their intuitive drag-and-drop roster builders, auto-scheduling features and geo-located smartphone attendance.

With Deputy, you’re able to create smart rosters based on sales data so you always have enough staff on during your rushes. You can also view your estimated wage costs before your rosters are published to make sure you’re staying on budget.

Once you’re ready to go, notify your staff via email or text so everyone knows their upcoming hours, another feature that helps you save time and money and takes the headache out of managing your staff.

Main features of Deputy

  • A drag-and-drop rostering interface makes life super easy.
  • Staff cost forecasts mean you can reduce inflated hours.
  • Auto-scheduling: input data points and Deputy will find the best employees based on your shift structure.
  • A newsfeed and other employee communication tools that allow everyone to stay on top of availability, roster changes and shift swaps.
  • A clock-in function with geolocation to see who’s working when and where.
  • Give your staff more accountability. Deputy works offline, too, and saves up to 24 hours of activity until you’re back online.

Tanda: Rostering and time management with a twist

Tanda is an integrated rostering and time management app with a few twists to keep things fresh.

Let’s start with Tanda’s timeclock feature, which syncs to your POS to capture all of your staff’s logged hours accurately. Your staff have the benefit of clocking on and off from any POS terminal, making your staff more accountable and allowing you to track who’s working when.

But here’s where it gets really cool: the clock-in selfie feature means your staff take a photo of themselves when they clock in, so you’ll get an image of your staff on each shift.

Tanda has your back in other ways too. Its machine learning software uses innovative algorithms to predict schedules. They also have seamless payroll integration, easy employee onboarding and automated award interpreters that automatically calculates hospitality Award rates set by Fair Work Australia.

All of this is part of Tanda’s visually appealing Costed rosters, which includes views that let you know how much each roster is going to cost. And finally, cached data means that even if your system goes down, Tanda still tracks your staff hours, so you don’t lose a thing.

Main Features of Tanda

  • A drag-and-drop interface within an easy-to-use Roster view
  • The ability to create roster templates
  • Up-to-date, automatic award rate calculations for Sundays and public holidays
  • Payroll platform integration
  • A timeclock feature that sits within your Impos system
  • Zuus Workforce: Work smarter, not harder

  • Established in 2014, Zuus is a relatively new player in the rostering game, which provides a modern approach to workforce management.A key aspect of Zuus Workforce is that it lets you use your POS sales and customer data (pictured above) to forecast your venue’s activity so you can accurately get the right number of staff on at the right time. Zuus can tell you how many staff you’ll need for every 15 minutes of the day. Pretty smart!A graphical display of customer demand versus your labour helps you see where you’re under or overstaffed. With your staff labour details available in real-time, you can adjust your schedules accordingly.

    Zuus’ staff exchange system allows you and your employees to interect with schedules to swap shifts and request changes across multiple locations.

    All of these facets are on the myZUUS phone app, which gives managers and employees powerful new ways to interact with each other and their work.

    Main features of Zuus

    • An employee communication tool for availability, roster changes and shift swaps.
    • A clock-in function with geolocation to see who’s working when and where.
    • Payroll platform integration.
    • The powerful myZUUS phone app for staff and managers.
    • Harvesting of POS data to ensure your schedule is as efficient and effective as possible.

    Making your Rostering Decision

  • When it comes down to it, all of these rostering integrations will be beneficial to your hospitality venue, making life easier for you and your staff to create and manage the best rosters.If you’re still unsure about which rostering and time management app will work best for you, contact one of our integration specialists today. They can discuss what you want to get out of your system and what features will work best for you.Otherwise, learn more about POS & rostering integrations here or head back to our blog to read other helpful hospitality-based articles.