How the Right POS System will Help Increase Sales

A good point of sale system helps venues boost sales. It’s all about knowing your customers, their likes and dislikes, their ordering patterns – and providing them the best possible service.

New Customers

New customers are potential profits. With a searchable customer database module in your POS system, you can connect up your clients via phone, email, SMS or socially using Twitter or Facebook.

Upselling Existing Customers

That same database module can tell you customers who haven’t ordered in 30, 60, or 90 days. You can target a mailing to get them back in the door. With order history information on hand, you can cross-promote your dinner menu to your lunch customers. The possibilities only end with your imagination.

Service, Service, Service

Of course, the best way to boost sales is with unbeatable service. Your POS system can enhance the customer experience by speeding order taking, ensuring accurate orders, and personalising service with the customer database.

Managing Growth

Adding new stores? Your POS system can be a valuable partner in managing growth. From day one, you can have the technology in place to take orders efficiently, handle servers and host staff, control labour and inventory costs, start marketing, and manage cash flow.

The Impos point of sale system has helped a number of hospitality venues across Australia increase sales. The fast and durable system means your customer will be kept happy with the speedy service, and you’ll know you can trust your system to keep running through the busiest times. The Impos Support team work around the clock to ensure everything is running smoothly at all times, and our third party marketing integrations will bring in all those extra customers who wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Call Impos on 1300 308 615 to learn more about what our point of sale system can do for your business.

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