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With a total of almost 9 million apps world-wide, and new ones being published every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The proliferation of apps is being driven by a much larger engine – the global march towards mobile everything. Mobile web usage skyrockets every year, but in the last 12 months alone, 67% more people logged on with their smartphone or tablet globally.

Keeping up to date is hard work, especially with the added pressure of Covid restrictions and lockdowns within the hospitality sector. Probably the only positive to come from such restrictions is some rare down-time to research and continually re-evaluate what 3rd party applications you have applied to your hospitality business, and which ones really stand out from the crowd.

Introducing JOMO – an all in one order at table, payments, and cross-venue loyalty app.

JOMO is a modern order-at-table app allowing customers to order and pay from their phones, along with loyalty rewards redeemable across all your venues and a suite of other exclusive features (such as smart leave-and-pay). With super-quick point of sale integration, a cross-venue loyalty program that works for you, and customer support that’s always ready to help — what’s not to love?

Designed to increase the orders your customers make, and to keep them coming back, it’s as friction-free as possible. Customers are rewarded for every dollar they spend, and aren’t forced to pay until they’re ready to leave. It also has a directory of nearby JOMO-supported venues built right in, so your venues will be visible to anyone with the app.

JOMO consists of a simple user-friendly system with Bluetooth beacons (or as they like to call it, your venue’s ‘Spots’) and a partner app – made by a local business for local businesses.

How it all works:

    1. Receive your Welcome Pack – this consists of 3 Bluetooth BLE Beacons (nicknamed ‘Spots’), window stickers and table signs.
    2. Place a Spot in every major part of the venue – with these, your customers can just open the app, and they’ll know where they are.
    3. Ensure your menu is updated and ready to go for online orders – your menu is imported automatically – you’ll just need to pop in some categories and (optionally) images.
    4. Put up some signage so your customers know you’re on JOMO – everything you’ll need is provided in your Welcome Pack.
    5. Customers order through the app, and it goes straight into your Impos terminal – dockets are printed, floor staff are happy and you barely need to lift a finger.
    6. The app automatically pays when the customer leaves – they’ll handle the bill and receipts. If a customer leaves a venue and hasn’t hit ‘Pay now’, the app will do it for them. And the best bit? There’s an option to split the bill directly within the app!