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Manage Your Venue Better With Impos Time and Attendance

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The Impos system is able to produce accurate time reports for staff wages, exportable into any accounting software, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Track your staff hours, work out your key sellers, know who to put on which shift, and save time and money on wages with Impos Time and Attendance.


The software syncs directly with your Impos POS system to ensure your employees’ time and attendance is tracked, monitored, and managed. No more relying on handwritten time sheets, no more time spent reconciling employee hours against wages.

Your employees clock in and out at the POS terminal, with this information immediately sent directly to your integrated venue management software. Overtime is calculated automatically, and you can easily fix any forgotten clock-ins later, directly in your POS system.

Manage your staff better and save money with Impos’ Time and Attendance feature

Make managing your staff time a breeze with the Impos clock in/clock out feature. Staff simply sign in at the POS terminal using their unique employee ID and password, and the system will automatically recognise whether the user needs to be clocked in or out. Closing out their shift is just as simple, and all staff movements are logged directly to your POS using your Impos venue management software. Track staff time, manage hours, and determine which staff are generating the most or least sales, all through your Impos POS system.

Minimise wage costs

Impos has partnered with cloud-based work scheduling and people management platform, Deputy, to help you save time in managing your venue. With Impos, you get access to Deputy’s intelligent work scheduling, timesheet management and employee communication tools. This time and attendance software package optimises your staffing, manage wage costs, more efficiently and develop long-term planning strategies around roster management. Schedule employees based on sales forecasts to minimise wage costs and maximise efficiency benefits through better staff management and communication with Deputy.

Take the hassle out of traditional time sheets

Traditional time sheets are a pain—but now you have a new, more efficient way of managing your time sheets. Impos has partnered with BoxSuite, the beautiful, intuitive online solution for rostering, attendance, payroll, and cost analysis that’s available anywhere, at anytime. With Impos, you get access to BoxSuite’s range of features, such as a free mobile site, real time data, a digital punch clock, payroll integration, automated shift fill and swap options, award interpretation, rosters based on historical forecasts, and roster and budget creations. BoxSuite’s 24-hour customer service team and secure servers ensure that your rosters are backed up and always online. With the ability to upload employees in bulk and no software installation, your business can be up and running in minutes. BoxSuite is rostering and attending made easy.

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