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Impos Stock Management Increases Business Visibility

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Implementation of Impos’ Stock Management module decreases shrinkage and leakage, and allows any business to better manage costs. It also helps increase business visibility and saves you time and money.


Once purchases are entered this can then be exported out to your accounting software, decreasing administration and double handling of purchases. The direct result is an increase in profit. Track, manage and monitor your stock with ease all with a device slightly bigger than your average mobile phone.

Take a venue that sells food and beverages with sales of $1,000,000 a year. On average the cost of goods is 40% – food making up 60% of sales and beverages making up 40%. This gives a food cost of $240,000 and beverage cost of $160,000. By implementing Impos Stock Management, you can save an average of 3% on cost of goods. This is a direct result of an increased profit of $30,000 per annum for a venue turning over approximately $20,000 per week.

Standard reporting includes:

– Stock Item

– Stock take form

– Stock activity

– Stock variance

– Cost variance

– Cost of goods sold

– Item breakdown details (GPM%)

– Sales Margin Reports (COGS & GP as %)

– Order History/Order history by supplier

– Contribution to Sales Margin

Impos Stock Management has direct interfaces with most accounting packages so that you are not double entering purchases.

Recipe Creation

Define your recipes for food and beverages with ease. Multiple stock items can be assigned to a menu item, it’s up to you if you want to monitor all inventory items or just a select few.

Stock Item Setup

Stock items can be quickly defined with a total of five different sizes per menu item. Our Stock Management module calculates the average cost using the weighted average formulae. Barcodes can be entered and used in conjunction with the Impos Stock Management device.

Bulk / Prep Recipe Item Management

Unlike most POS systems on the market Impos has features to save commonly used stock recipe items and use these in-house made items in other dishes. Some call it Bulk stock items others call it Prep Items. This allows you to decrement raw stock ingredients in batches and saves hours of time when creating recipes.

Re-Order Levels

Ordering stock is easy with Impos Stock Management. Allocating minimum and desired levels for each stock item will then allow you to order based on what is in stock and what should be in stock.

Purchase Orders

Save time in managing your stock ordering. Impos’ latest features in the Stock Management module include the ability to create Purchase Orders for multiple suppliers simultaneously. Purchase Orders cuts down the time in administering your stock. Predictive Ordering – based on your sales Impos can predict what you need to order.

Impos’ Stock Management module knows just what your venue needs. Do you own a restaurant? Call 1300 308 615 today.