Gearing up for Easter: Hospitality hacks for 2020

The Easter holiday period is rapidly closing in on us, and that traditionally means a boom period for those in the hospitality industries.

Have you started your preparations for Easter yet? Here are some simple tips to ensure that you get your fair slice of the pie (or egg?) over the holiday period.

Create Easter-themed menu items

It may seem simple, but many businesses still overlook this.

This doesn’t have to be over-complicated, either. It could be as simple as adding hot cross buns to your dessert menu or sharing out a free Easter egg with every purchase.

You can choose how big or small you want to go, but make sure your visitors are aware of the incentives available.


Start your social media campaigns now, if you haven’t already

While Easter may still seem a fair way off, you can be assured that many of your current and prospective customers are already planning their arrangements now.

To capture their attention and put your business at the forefront of their thinking, it is important to start spruiking your seasonal offerings through social media channels ahead of time. That means now.


Manage your workforce


While you may be looking forward to welcoming the flood of people looking for hospitality as they enjoy some time off work, remember that your staff may be looking to do the same thing.

A last-minute flurry of leave requests could be complex to manage and could leave your short-handed during a busy period of the year.

Ensure that all staff requests for leave are lodged early so that you can mitigate this and put on temp workers if required.


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Create a child-friendly environment

There are varying degrees of “child-friendly” in the hospitality game.

Same spaces, like bars and other places that serve alcohol, can be completely child-free. Others will go out of their way to make their space appeal to families with kids all-year-round.

Many venues, though, sit somewhere in the middle. While you welcome children and can cater to them, you don’t proclaim your business to be geared solely towards children and families.

During this Easter period, there are going to be a lot more families looking to book and they will favour those that best cater to the needs of their kids.

So ramp up your activities and tap into the season. Run colouring-in competitions, have egg hunts, decorate your outlet for the season – and make your business as all-age-friendly as possible.


Get creative

There are several ways you can get in the Easter spirit and engage your customers at the same time. That could include traditional methods like creating seasonal specials for your menu or hosting events like a scavenger hunt.

Digital efforts like social media competitions invite your customers to be creative and offer prizes that are likely to not only bring them through your doors but their friends and family as well.

For more tips on how you can generate creative promotions for the Easter period, read our article here.



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