Equipping your venue with more intelligence through Myguestlist

As one of the fastest and most reliable POS systems available for hospitality, Impos offers a multitude of benefits. This platform streamlines operations across ordering, payments, high-end integrations and inventory management – all of which allows for simplified operations within your venue.

One of these advantages includes the integration with Myguestlist – a platform that helps you grow your customer database communication across the board. Enjoy an easy messaging service which bring your customers closer to the table than ever before.

What all the fuss is about

Myguestlist helps you grow your loyal list of customers, and brings in new ones at the same time. This is done through direct, one-on-one conversations through email, SMS and social media channels.

This nifty integration includes six key features:

  • Rules and triggers: There are many touch points customers have with your business. This feature allows you to receive notifications along those touchpoints so you can interact with them accordingly.
  • Reward or resuscitate: Set up automated messages that can help your loyal customers feel loved, or help to bring back those who haven’t interacted with you in a while.
  • Sell anything: In the modern world, food and beverages are just some of the products you can sell. Myguestlist provides functionality to sell other goods and experiences – like books, merchandise and vouchers.
  • One place for data to live: You can use Myguestlist to house all of your customer data so you can build business intelligence and have easy access to all details.
  • Powerful campaign tools: Having the data is one thing, generating content that will appeal to them is another. Myguestlist features intuitive design tools to help you create attractive campaigns that will reach your potential and existing target audiences.
  • Multiple users, various authority: Assign different levels of access to different staff members, including agent, reseller, owner, manager, marketer and more.

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Plenty of benefits to reap

The information reaped by Myguestlist allows you to get a snapshot of your customers, their likes, their dislikes and how to reach them on a personal level. Using the built-in marketing tools, you can then create content that will reach them at the right time so they feel valued.

The built-in automation means the data can be analysed, marketing products produced and messages auto sent at the right moments of the customer journey, to make them more likely to engage.

You can also link your social media so the Myguestlist tool can analyse all of that data as well and assist with auto-messaging.

And if you’re not sure how to get started, the Impos is here to help you with your marketing as well, so you can best pack a punch with your campaigns. You can even use Myguestlist for event management, helping you to manage ticket sales, monitor RSVPs and prepare experiences – all in one central place.

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