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Our EoFY POS Sale Ends Soon! Here’s How You Can Benefit

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The end of financial year is like a group of unruly high spenders coming into your restaurant as you’re about to close. There’s a sense of dread (the paperwork and bookkeeping) but also a few rather appealing incentives.

Because, with all the sales and deals going on, the EoFY is a great opportunity for hospitality venues to take advantage of all manner of deals, including to your POS system. Here are a few ways you can save with Impos…

The EoFY POS Terminal Sale for New Impos Customers

Would you like a free cash drawer and thermal printer? We’re literally giving away these crucial pieces of hospitality POS hardware with every 15-inch Impos terminal.

This Impos offer is perfect for new hospitality venues. Say you’re about to open a new café. This POS offer will get you up and running with ease, giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

And there’s no limit to how many bundles you can purchase either, which means that for large hospitality enterprises, a brewery or an industrial-sized nightclub for example, you can set up multiple terminals at your venue for much less.

How much less? Well, each cash drawer & thermal printer is worth over $550AUD. So, if you choose to obtain two Impos terminals, that’s well over a grand’s worth of free hardware right there.

And don’t worry if you’re not planning to open your venue for a while. Our offer is valid for all purchases made before June 30, regardless of your preferred installation date.

The Integration Add-Ons

If you’re tempted by the POS Terminal Sale, these integration offers will leave you salivating. Because if you choose to buy a terminal or two, you’ll gain access to unbelievable deals from the likes of Myob, Tyro and Cooking the Books.

Invoice Ripper, Drinking the Profits or Cooking the Books

Combine our POS terminal offer with one of these integration partners and not only will we waive the entire setup fee for you, we’ll also give you two months entirely free.

These three POS integration partners will help streamline your processes and functions. Invoice Ripper, for example, is an electronic ordering and data extraction tool, which significantly reduces data entry for hospitality venues.

Drinking the Profits and Cooking the Books generate estimated costs, stock control, order sheets, recipe cards, electronic ordering and invoice management for bars and restaurants respectively.



Tanda is a workforce management solution that makes rostering and payroll a breeze. It cleverly taps into your sales data to create smart schedules. If this is something you might be interested in, mention your interest when you sign up for a new terminal and get a free timeclock.


Together, Impos and Tyro are a powerful duo, bringing you reliable, quicker end-to-end payment solutions (a pretty important part of hospitality). Tyro allows you to take mobile payments, improve your productivity and process payments in 2 seconds. And from now until June 30, Tyro is offering 6 months free terminal rentals.


They might’ve shot the sheriff but they didn’t shoot no Deputy, which we’re pretty happy about since Deputy is one of the leading staff management systems worldwide. Servicing over 30,00 businesses, Deputy is currently offering 20% off for the first 3 months!


When it comes to POS integrations, MYOB is a partner you’ll want to consider due to its scope. It helps simplify your venue’s accounting, payroll, job management, professional tax solutions, CRM and more. Their current offer is pretty simple: 3 months free when used in conjunction with our terminal offer.

The EoFY POS Terminal Trade-In Sale for Existing Customers

If you’re an existing Impos user and you feel all left out reading this, you shouldn’t. We’ve also got a special something something for you too!

Until June 30th, Impos users can trade in old Impos terminals in exchange for $400 off a shiny, brand-spanking-new terminal.

And don’t forget, if your business has a turnover of less than $10 million AUD, any hardware purchases like this are eligible for an instant tax rebate.

Your Next Steps Towards POS Savings

With POS terminal sales, integration offers and tax rebates, there’s really no better time to upgrade your venue’s operating system.

Visit our special EoFY 2018 Sale page to find out more about all of these deals, or get in touch with one of our POS specialists to discuss which Impos options are best for your hospitality venue today.