Encouraging Your Staff to Act Sustainably

Hospitality isn’t an exception when it comes to acting green. When it comes to sustainability, all industries are facing more and more pressure to put the focus on reducing their negative impacts on the environment.

But as a sector, we can be leaders for other fields and businesses that are looking to make positive steps for a cleaner future. And it all starts with laying the positive foundation right here at home – within our own venues.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to roll out a sustainable program within your hospitality business, without the hefty price-tags. Here are a few ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and encourage your team members to do the same.

Establish a recycling program

Creating mindfulness and a positive mentality around going green doesn’t have to mean making huge changes. Even actioning a simple recycling scheme can do wonders for your carbon footprint.

In the kitchen of your venue, provide plenty of education on how to dispose of certain waste and what bins it should all be distributed across. This might include recycling, compost and your general waste.

If your site has old equipment, appliances or gadgets that need to be disposed of, research local organisations that are dedicated to ethically recycling these, rather than throwing them in landfill.

Try to conserve energy around the workplace

This can be a bit tricky in hospitality, but there are still ways around it. Turn off electronics that aren’t being used during off-period, or switch out expensive lighting fixtures for more eco-friendly ones.

It also pays to have an energy policy in place that details how employees can better their individual consumption of energy onsite, and provide any suggestions around how they can improve it.

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Go paperless or eliminate plastic

Across Australia, more and more venues are switching to paper-based alternatives over plastic, with paper straws being a prime example. Instead of popping a plastic product into our customer’s cocktail, make use of degradable, recyclable options instead.

If you run an office within your venue, try to go paperless, instead of printing absolutely everything you document. Software and systems like Impos’ point of sale systems can help you streamline this data, so there’s no need to print out every detail.

Partner with green suppliers and vendors

Switch out vendors that aren’t up to scratch with their conservation efforts and opt for a local business that preaches greener solutions. Do your research around their sustainability efforts and try to see if your company’s vision fits theirs.

Your employees will be more mindful of their own commitments to sustainability, if they can see that your business is actively doing their bit too.

Encourage greener transportation

Your staff still need to be able to get to work, but encouraging them to grab a lift with a colleague or jumping on their bike can do wonders. As an employer, you can further incentivise greener transportation by providing rewards to staff members that actively do this.

Additionally, if your staff members are really needed onsite at all times, consider whether they can complete some remote work at home (e.g. data entry for your business).

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