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How to Draw a Crowd this Easter

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The Easter long weekend is fast approaching, and this year falls on 15 – 18 April. Easter can be a boomer period for hospitality providing the opportunity to highlight and leverage bookings during this period. Rather than a traditional menu, why not bring in diners this Easter weekend with something new such as an indulgence brunch menu?

Fun Fact: Brunch is a kind of breakfast that blends sweet and savoury offerings in greater quantities and varieties and at a later time than usual: generally between 10a and 12p. This term, which comes to us from across the English Channel, is a contraction of the words breakfast and lunch. A favourite amongst foodies, it is sure to meet with great success in your restaurant.

Be Kid-Friendly

Let’s not forget Easter falls within the 2-week school holiday period so it’s important a restaurant is prepared to meet children’s needs to attract a noticeably larger clientele (up to 25% more) than its peers. That means making sure that your dining area is equipped to receive your youngest guests.

First, you’ll need the right equipment: high chairs and/or booster seats for regular chairs, as well as suitable utensils. Next, don’t forget to train your staff on greeting children and treating them kindly. As for the menu, Easter meals are conducive to playful, creative presentations, so let your imagination run wild and be as fun as possible.

In addition, it’s a good idea to organise some creative activities to keep children from getting bored. Why not invest in a variety of activity options: board games, colouring, drawing to name a few. There are plenty of ways to keep your youngest guests occupied and enjoying themselves while their parents are dining. That requires a certain degree of organisation, of course, but an exceptional day calls for extraordinary planning.

Your staff will undoubtedly be excited about the prospect of welcoming this new clientele. Consider it a great way to earn families’ loyalty as well: If the children have a good time, they will surely ask their parents to return. It is a win-win situation.

Highlight eggs, in all their forms!

Eggs have always been a brunch menu staple, and for Easter, they are the main attraction. Be sure to feature egg preparations served in the shell; hard- or soft-boiled eggs are to be favoured over the usual scrambled eggs. Offer dishes that have the appearance of eggs but made from non-egg ingredients with entirely different tastes.

When you offer smaller versions of your culinary options, children and adults with smaller appetites have the chance to try a bit of everything. Tartlets, pancakes, cupcakes, brick pastry… Smaller portions make for a friendlier, yet no less delicious meal that will delight your diners.

A tip about miniature dishes: It is best to offer a variety of simple, proven recipes, such as mini-croquet, mini tiramisu, mini quiches, etc., rather than trying out riskier processes. The miniaturized aspect will lend the dishes all the originality you need, and your diners will leave happy after a pleasant brunch filled with familiar flavours.

Chocolate: The Easter Essential

Chocolate – a favourite indulgence for so many of us and a staple at brunches – is also the undisputed star of Easter! Whether in white, dark, or chocolate, with hazelnuts, almonds, or a bit of fruit inside, chocolate always has its fans. Your guests will love it. It is one of those guilty pleasures that no one can resist during the Easter season. There is no shortage of recipes to help you stand out and offer the chocolate dish that will set your restaurant apart.

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