The crucial steps to successfully implementing a school POS system

Okay, it may not be a laneway cafe or bustling restaurants with lavish menus to take your pick from, but a school canteen is still a business. At the end of the day, it needs to run successfully, and at a profit. But more importantly, it has to keep up-to-date with student demands, pricing, dietary requirements and even the era of being a cashless society.

The old-school tuckshop where pennies were exchanged for raspberry twists is long gone, and today’s cafeteria looks a whole lot different. Where healthy eating habits replace less-than-nutritious alternatives and technology makes itself at home, it’s time to understand how to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep up with the changing tides.

And it all starts with allowing your canteen to incorporate seamless user experiences across your student community and the ability to flow this traffic through easily. Enter a point of sale system that factors all factors of running these types of hospitality businesses. Here’s exactly how to implement one into your environment.

How to use a point of sale system in your school canteen


Like any shift in technology in a school environment (or business, for that matter), they will be teams you need to speak to and sign-offs to gain. But beyond that, you’ll also need to make sure you’re allowing all of your staff members to understand the opportunities your new POS system carries for your business, and how to ensure you’re taking advantage of them.

Here’s a few steps to help you get started on the right path.


Meet with the right people

Once you’ve gotten the green light to install the system into your cafetaria, you’ll need to ensure implementation is ready to go ahead. While the Impos team are ready and raring to install you solution for you (we’ll do all the hard work), you’ll need to tick off a few boxes with your teams.

From those who will use the system, through to decision makers, a few key people you’ll want to communicate with include:


  • Food service team: If you have a specific role or director of your food-handling processes, this will obviously be the first step to take. It will have a huge influence on their day-to-day operations, so make sure they’re in the loop and efficiently prepared. Most likely, they’ll also be responsible for training, so making sure they understand every single facet to the system is crucial.
  • IT support: They’re those staff members you idolise when it comes to fixing up technology problems, but they’re also going to be a big part of this product as well. Give their team as much information as possible around the hardware, any specifications and how they can access ongoing support. At Impos, we provide on-demand help if anything goes wrong, so we’ll make sure your IT staff aren’t given a hard time anyway.
  • Billing or finance: All purchases in your school likely go through a finance department, so keep them informed of your installation to make sure nothing is held up where possible.
  • Principal: They’ll probably be involved in the initial stages, but just in case you forgot to mention it to your boss, make sure your direct leadership team is more than aware of how the system works and what it will bring to your environment.


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Assign a decision-maker

At some point in time, you’ll need to shift around menu items or update pricing. Impos makes it easy to refine your solution to suit your requirements and the changes your business goes through. However, having someone specifically in charge of this process will also eliminate double-handling, unnecessary hiccups or delays and any miscommunication. Ask yourself:

  • Who’s in charge of approving new food items?
  • What is the process for introducing these?
  • Is there a pricing structure you need to follow?
  • Are there special considerations for certain students or staff?

Setting these expectations upfront will eliminate a lot of stress in the long run.


Get to know your vendors

When you walk into a cafe or even a milk bar, there’s plenty of brands and options to choose from. It’s probably likely they also have one specific umbrella of products from a beverage company too, and have partnered with them to include things like branded fridges or coffee cups.

These vendors are teams you’ll communicate with time and time again, so get to know them like they’re apart of your own staff. Have their contact details readily available and understand their schedules or delivery times.


Establish a training program

The most important step of all, actioning and rolling out a thorough training program is the key to successfully installing a POS system into your school. Our team can help yours to make sure all features and functionalities are full understood and answer any questions along the way, but there’s still a few things you can do to help your staff wrap their heads around the opportunities:


  • Give plenty of time to notify parents and allow them to also understand the advantages to their family
  • Ask your vendors if they have collateral or email templates you can use to spread the word. If they do, hand these to anyone responsible for your marketing
  • Have guidelines and system processes printed out or emailed around so they can be referenced on-demand
  • Ensure staff using the system understand any responsibilities they might have surrounding the product
  • Give rollout dates well in advance.


Endless benefits bring endless opportunities

If you’re still on the fence around incorporating a point of sale solution into your school canteen, Impos’ product range utilises innovative Flexischools software to provide the most agile services. This allows for dynamic transactions, intuitive features and upgrades when you need it most.

You can find out more by getting in touch with our team now. Contact Impos by calling 1300 780 268 or email our support team on [email protected].

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