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Cooking the Books: a new Impos Integration

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Whether you are a small café or a large-scale restaurant, the heat of the kitchen is already hot enough to keep you busy. With Cooking the Books, you can manage all of your supplies, deliveries and cost management in one place.

The software is the brainchild of chef Andrew Briese, who also holds a Bachelor of Business in Catering and Hotel Management.

Working in hotel kitchens for over 20 years, Briese discovered a common frustration was balancing the books and a lack of computer-generated programs to assist with ordering and supplies. So, he set out to create the perfect kitchen management tool, using all of his experience as a chef to meet the pain points of those who run these venues.

How it works

Cooking the Books is a web-based, cloud software package that has been designed to generate all of your food costs. It also backs you up, with support towards:

  • stock control
  • purchase orders and invoicing
  • recipe cards and recipe cost sheets
  • electronic ordering and receiving
  • tendering, menu and function costing.

The first, and perhaps most important, function is that you can add your current and preferred suppliers to keep things running smoothly. While the option is built in to find the most affordable choice for you, we understand that loyalty is a critical component of running a successful kitchen as well.

An extensive list of intuitive features

Here are some of the main goodies you’ll be able to make use of:

  • Direct ordering: You’ll no longer have to rely on traditional methods of ordering, like telephone, fax and email. This software will link all of your ordering automatically so it happens reliably.
  • MYOB partnership: Cooking the Books is the only hospitality software approved by the MYOB add on solutions team. This means a direct link and easy accountancy. Cooking the Books is also linked to other accountancy solutions including Xero and Sun Microsystems.
  • Predictor: This is where Cooking the Books can help take the wheel for you. Using smart technology, it will monitor past and present expenditure and forecast future profits. This allows you to adjust costs and ensure better returns down the track.
  • Food cost limit: Using the recipe cards, you can set limits on how much is spent so you don’t overspend and eat into your own profits.
  • Make or buy: This analysis helps you compare costs of buying a product or making it in-house.
  • Tendering: This can be time-consuming and tedious. Here, you can see all of your suppliers and their prices on one screen to easily pick the most affordable option.
  • Recipe management: Here you can store all of your recipes and cost sheets for future use. This can also include nutritional value and equipment lists.
  • Stocktake: Automates this process monthly and annually.

These are just some of the functions and features available through this nifty software integration, as part of Impos’ terminals. Call Nigel today for a no obligation chat on 1300 995 462.