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Broadsheet: How to Make a name For Your Venue

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Opening a new café, restaurant or bar is no easy feat. After picking a location, completing the fit out, writing a menu and installing the point of sale system, one important factor is often overlooked. Getting your venue’s name out there is just as important as choosing the drinks list. If customers can’t find your venue online, it’s unlikely they’ll find it on the streets – unless you’re lucky enough to score a prime location.

Social media is great as it plays a huge role in your venue’s online presence and you can manage it yourself. However one of the most effective means of getting more bums on seats is by scoring a write up in an established foodie publication.

Broadsheet is one of the most renowned food publications in Melbourne. The fact that café, restaurant and bar reviews can’t be bought makes it all the more legit. Scoring a write up in Broadsheet can do wonders for your hospitality venue’s visibility.

Impos had a chat with Tacey Rychter, one of the talented editors at Broadsheet Melbourne, to find out what they look for, and what they think helps a venue make a name for itself in the hospitality space.

Do you have any hot tips for hospitality business owners looking to organise media coverage for their venues?

You don’t need a publicist to gain coverage, although it can help. Editors can receive hundreds of emails everyday, and a publicist with an existing relationship with the editor may help cut through the noise. Whether you use a publicist or not – make sure you are direct, concise and informative in your request for coverage. Provide some brief information about your venue (make sure you don’t forget the basic details – address, website, etc.), what it is about and what you’re trying to achieve. Keep in mind that you’re competing with similar venues for an editor’s attention – so be clear about what makes yours really interesting.

What makes a venue stand out from the crowd?

Whether your venue is a cafe, bar, restaurant or shop – chances are there a hundreds like it in the city. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel (simple concepts are good too), but be conscious of ‘your story’ – what sets your venue apart and makes it interesting and relevant for people. It may be an unusual theme, offering or approach, or it may just be unique to that area – say, a new cafe in a suburb that was previously lacking.

What social media channels should a venue absolutely not go without?

I think it’s a good idea to have an active presence on Facebook and Instagram. Your venue is a live thing – it is likely to be constantly improving, or making little changes, or adding new products. Social media is your lifeline to your audience – be inclusive and keep them across what’s happening. Just use it in moderation – you also don’t want to overwhelm your customers with things they don’t have to know – they might lose patience.

How important do you think it is for a new venue to receive media coverage on food publication sites?

I don’t think media coverage is essential to a successful business. But when you’re new – especially if you’re not in a prominent location – it can be hard just to get the word out that you’re there. That’s where I think clever social media comes in – you can reach so many people yourself when its done right.

Obviously it’s great to receive positive online reviews too. Do you have any advice on how to handle a negative one?

I think bad reviews are something any business owner will come up against. You can’t please everyone. If you’re getting regular negative reviews, you have to step back and consider why. But if you believe you’re making a good product and you have a loyal customer base, then it might be one of those things to just take in your stride.

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